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Issue #1907      March 16, 2020

Stop the war bring the troops home

The Howard Government is taking Australia into Bush’s invasion of Iraq and slaughter of its people. It is time for us to declare political war against Howard and the system that he serves.

We have every right to be angry and outraged because the annihilation of Iraq is a cold, calculated act of mass murder.

Once again the rich and powerful of this planet, the huge transnational corporations, have sent their military machines to war to grab land and resources which are not theirs.

Nothing could persuade Bush not to go to war, despite the opposition of the world’s peoples, because the US military-industrial complex planned this modern-day barbarism months, even years ago.

US domination

It is a war for US domination of the Middle East, a war for oil, a war for US supremacy over the oil-producing nations of the Arab world. Wars against other nations are planned.

As in the past, an Australian government is following the US into war. Howard has played a despicable role, lying to the Australian people and the world about the reasons for war and not having the guts to face the nation in an honest debate.

The government has hidden the truth about the US military base at Pine Gap (near Alice Spring) which is directing the missiles and bombs to their targets in Iraq and spying on Iraqi communications.

The ALP leadership has also failed the Australian people. It has never taken a clear stand against the war and never opposed the US troop build-up in the Middle East. It would have sent Australians to war under the misguided idea that the UN can lead an invasion of a sovereign nation.

We will pay the cost of war

Howard’s decision is also a declaration of war against the Australian people. The cost of the war will be paid by cuts to Medicare and public health services, by lack of money for public education, job creation and other social services.

As Iraqi civilians are burnt to death by US missiles, our public hospitals will be denied the extra funds they need to treat burn victims and other sick people properly. As US bombs pulverise Iraqi schools, our public education system will continue to be starved of the funds it needs.

Trampling on democracy

The Howard Government is morally and politically defeated. It may still be in office but it is now clearer than ever before that it does not represent the Australian people. It ignores our opinions and tramples on our democratic rights.

Our politicians have failed the people of Australia. They have failed the innocent victims of war in Iraq. They have failed the planet, plunging it into a war which could escalate with the US already claiming the right to use nuclear weapons.

We have to wage a political war for a new kind of government which will listen to the people and act in our interests. A government which will end our military alliance with the US and close the US bases. A government of the people and for the people.

Our campaign must continue

Our campaign must continue, with the aim to stop the war and to bring the troops home.

We need everyone’s support to bring this country to a standstill.

Let us build the movement to stop the war so it reaches into every city, every neighbourhood, every street, every workplace in this country.

If the government will not listen to the overwhelming majority of the people, throw the Howard Government out! Let us, the people, set the agenda.

This article originally appeared in the Guardian March 2003

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