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Issue #1909      March 30, 2020


I would like to start by asking all Party members and readers to stay safe and do whatever possible to avoid spreading the Coronavirus. However, the struggle must go on to demand workers will not end up paying for the crisis again.

As Australian governments shut our borders and social distancing gets more restrictive the Party of the working class moves its activity online on various social platforms. Party functions will continue online and we will continue to post updates on our website, social media, and Party press. Branches will explore party life in times on COVID-19 and learn to adapt to continue interacting with the Australian people by other means. Various efforts are underway to start live-streaming, podcasting, etc.

Despite the obstacles we faced twelve months ago when the Communist Party of Australia’s (CPA) original Facebook page was stolen and taken by another organisation it is good to report that our current page gets new likes everyday and our twitter account has more than 10,000 followers. It is important that all members and supporters get their hands on their gadgets and share the Party’s social media posts. As we said, with discipline and without distractions, we are now in better conditions than twelve months ago to take the Party to the people.

The current leadership has led the Party for a year and has managed successfully to unite the Party across the country. We have a number of vibrant new members in all branches particularly younger people. The South Australian State committee and Sydney District Committees held conferences and elected new leaderships. All branches had their AGMs and many have many new faces around the table including comrades leading those branches. We have new Party branches in NSW and great perspectives coming from Darwin and Canberra. Comrades have rallied around our new general secretary and other members of the collective leadership. It is important to note that the five comrades elected to Party leadership are full time workers and play active roles in their respective unions. Having that link with the working class is essential to avoid losing perspective of what it means to be a worker and its links with the working-class party.

As our Party moves into its centenary anniversary, we rally together selling more Guardians every week. Branches are organising more and more public activities which have raised our profile and brought new recruits. The balance is positive and we have a stronger Party and are prepared to deal with the current crisis created by the pandemic.

Communists around the world are demanding workers will not pay for the capitalist crisis again. We will continue to campaign for universal access to health and education, the cancellation of student debt, more public housing, land rights for Aboriginal people and pension for all workers. As governments struggle to save the capitalist system with massive stimulus packages we demand the nationalisation of our national resources, a national public health and education systems. Australian unions were on the front foot from the onset of the crisis and have done a great job representing their members and demanding sick pay for all workers as the country goes into a lockdown.

The Communist Party of Australia campaigns for socialism as the only alternative to this inhumane and greedy system that is killing the planet and its people. Stay tuned and stay safe. Let’s get organised and win.


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