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Issue #1911      April 20, 2020


Several Australian politicians, including Liberal Party and One Nation figures, have made calls for China to be held responsible for the effects of the COVID-19 epidemic. Supposedly, this is on the basis that the virus arose in China and the Chinese government’s alleged failure to respond effectively.

This is utterly childish reasoning. That is, if it is to be considered reasoning at all, and not what it really is: an opportunistic justification for these politicians’ preexisting hostility towards China, and a further attempt to fan anti-Chinese sentiment.

The falseness of their claims might have been less glaring had they made them months ago when the statistics had not yet shown conclusively how much more successful China has been at tackling the crisis than almost all other countries. However, at the time, the same Australian reactionary figures were cruelly rejoicing at the tragedy suffered by the Chinese people and denying that it would have much consequence for Australia.

In January, the same nonsense was being spoken about how the Chinese government had acted too slowly. Incredibly, this is still said as we watch with our own eyes the far slower response of Western governments, despite having had a head start of months thanks to China’s prompt reporting of valuable facts to the international community and effective management of the initial outbreak. Western governments were given the greatest opportunity to respond swiftly and effectively, but they have squandered it in unison.

This difference in approaches and outcomes shows us that it is a blessing to the world that the virus happened to arise in China first. Unfortunately, reactionary politicians have also taken it as a blessing to continue their unreasonable attacks on China.

None of the same politicians have expressed the same indignation at the unambiguously, intentional, deadly acts of the US regime, which continues to pursue its criminal policy of sanctions against Cuba, Venezuela, DPR Korea, Syria, Iran and others, consciously seeking to deprive these peoples of access to vital medical supplies even in this crisis. When will they call for the US to pay for the hardships suffered by these peoples, directly due to US policy? Instead, these hypocrites slavishly follow the US line and betray the independence and dignity of all the peoples of the world along with the Australian people they claim to represent.

The idea that the fact of the virus having arisen in China is in any way related to moral or legal responsibility by the Chinese government is entirely fallacious, and only demonstrates other governments’ hypocrisy: by making this claim, they ignore the fact that new viruses can and will develop anywhere in the world. All governments need to prepare for this fact. This will only become more relevant as the accelerating impact of climate change causes widespread disturbances to ecosystems around the world.

Another issue is the interminable gossip in the Western media about the case of Dr Li Wenliang, who has sadly passed away due to the virus. We hear nothing but claims of a cover-up by the Chinese government, and Dr Li has been made out to be an “anti-establishment figure.”

The real facts have been completely ignored. Dr Li, who as it happens was a loyal member of the Communist Party of China, himself apologised for improper conduct. Any well-functioning and well-governed health system does not allow unauthorised publicity of half-formed facts in the early stage of a new and unknown development, which can only create panic without adequate knowledge to derive public benefit. At the same time, the central government has since assessed the relevant Hubei provincial authorities’ handling of the incident and determined that Dr Li’s dismissal was excessive and a product of incorrect bureaucratic tendencies by several officials involved, who have now been dismissed themselves.

The completely fictional caricature of Dr Li pushed by Western media and governments to suit their own interests is a disgusting insult to his memory.

No reasonable person could expect that any government can carry out any action entirely perfectly. To seize on isolated imperfections without further analysis could only have meaning if there were such a thing as perfection in the realm of national and international politics. However, in the case of China, the meaningless fact of any particular action being performed any less than perfect is overblown to the extent that China is portrayed as the devil. This serves to obscure the concrete fact that their achievements in this struggle, as in many others, have been markedly superior to those of Western countries, and so too has been their handling of mistakes made which is the real test of a government.

Here is my advice to these Australian politicians, which, if they have any integrity and commitment to their own claimed principles, is in terms they should understand: “first cast out the beam out of thine own eye, and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye.”

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