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Issue #1913      May 4, 2020


Comrades come rally!

Today we remember the Chicago martyrs and all those workers who have fought against great injustices for workers’ rights. Today I pay tribute to all those front-line workers who are saving lives fighting against COVID-19 all over the world often putting their lives at risk without access to personal protective equipment (PPE).

This is a very different May Day. For over 130 years workers have taken to the streets in demand of their rights at work. Some, more political, have gone even further to achieve political rights and even political power.

This May Day humanity fights a common enemy in the Coronavirus pandemic. The pandemic has exposed the failures of capitalism and all the neoliberal policies that have privatised essential services such as health, education, banks, transport and social security.

At the same time, governments are undermining workers organisation by a ferocious attack on workers rights, unions and the right to strike.

Governments have also used the excuse of the pandemic to further erode civil and democratic rights. Furthermore, the introduction of legislation aimed at preventing people from getting together and the use of fearmongering to introduce a tracing app in the guise of security for workers who agree to being tracked.

Despite this, we have seen workers mobilising in a number of countries to fight for safety on the job, job security, food and other necessities. In Australia people have organised their right to protest using car cavalcades organised by the Maritime Union of Australia in Fremantle and the M1 Movement in Sydney and Melbourne. These actions attracted a lot of support from workers and the community at large, but the protesters in Melbourne faced charges and massive fines. Workers must be able to exercise their democratic right to protest, and this must be won on the streets through action.

On this day of international solidarity among all workers of the world we reaffirm our commitment to build a better world for all.

Workers acting as a class are the only force capable of demonstrating that workers are essential and bosses are not. The billions used to save the capitalist system from collapsing is the greatest weaknesses of the ruling class. They’ve acted in their class interest and the interest of this profit-making system that tries to convince the people that we are all together in this. This is a lie.

Only workers coming together as a class in the struggle against the pandemic and for workers’ rights will see a new society for all.

Long live May Day

Long live the Australian working class!

Workers of all countries unite!


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