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Issue #1913      May 4, 2020



Dear Editor,

Thank you for your continued, excellent reporting on the vital issues. With the drastic life changes we’ve had lately these are strange days indeed. I don’t think things will ever be the same again; a new sort of normal has come into being in the world.

Unfortunately, I’ve been expecting and fearing that eventually the climate crisis and our damage to the Earth’s ecosystems, the wildlife trade (and markets), factory farming, and other things would catch up with us. Scientists, environmentalist, and activists have been warning us about our destructive lifestyles and appalling over-exploitation of the Earth’s resources for a long time. We’ve had so many warning signs with the increasingly dire natural disasters and viruses we have had happen the past decade.

But let’s hope some good comes from this terrible experience, and we can begin to heal the Earth, treat other people, animals, and other life forms differently and see the necessary changes that can make the world a much better place for all. But maybe that’s wishful thinking and when the present catastrophe is over people will just go back to our bad ways, ignoring the reality, not listening to or watching what’s happening and just go on partying, consuming, using and abusing until the next pandemic, more extreme weather events or other calamity hits us. That will lead us towards a very sad and disastrous fate. The Earth may well in time recover, but we might not.

It will be a long haul to get through it we will need to be very supportive of each other, be more understanding, compassionate, and caring. And it will test our patience, endurance and tenacity. But we humans sometimes neglect what needs to be done until it’s almost too late and the crisis bears down on us, and it cannot be avoided or ignored any longer. And then we will have to come together and work relentlessly on solutions to the challenges we face. If we are wise enough, we will change direction in time and transform our communities, society and leave our world in improved health for our children, grandchildren, and the rest of life on the planet.

Steven Katsineris
Hurstbridge, Victoria

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