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Issue #1914      May 11, 2020

Message in solidarity with President Nicolas Maduro and the Venezuelan people

The Communist Party of Australia condemns in the strongest possible terms the terrorist attempt carried out in the wee hours of 3rd May against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and the government of Nicolas Maduro.

Mercenaries unsuccessfully tried an invasion into Venezuelan territory from the coast of La Guaira on speedboats from Colombia. This attempt was thwarted by the Bolivarian Armed forces and special action police. Some terrorists were killed, others arrested during the operation, and their large cache of weapons and ammunition was seized. According to the Venezuelan Ministry of Interior, Peace and Justice, the aim of these mercenaries was to “commit terrorist acts in the country, like carrying out assassinations of leaders of the revolutionary government, while also promoting violence across the South American nation”.

The Colombian state, against the wishes of its own people, is deeply entrenched in the US foreign policy of destabilisation, coup attempts and terrorism against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. While further details of this latest terrorist attempt are yet to come, it is obvious that the script was written by those pushing for this same US agenda.

Despite the situation of a global pandemic, the US has not let up in its criminal actions against the Venezuelan government and its people. Decade long sanctions against Venezuela have not been lifted to allow crucial medical supplies into the country and instead have been further tightened. This comes at the time of COVID-19 when the greatest cooperation and solidarity is needed globally.

The latest acts of aggression are being executed in a framework of unconventional warfare in a bid to destabilise the legitimate government of Venezuela.

We call upon the Australian government to condemn this most recent terrorist attempt on the government and the people of Venezuela, and to also push for the lifting of the criminal economic sanctions on the country. We demand that all actions to interfere within Venezuela be rejected by the Australian government.

Long live the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela! Down with the US coercive and unilateral economic sanctions! Long live peace!

Communist Party of Australia, CPA International Department 4th May 2020


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