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Issue #1914      May 11, 2020


I interviewed Daniel Gasparri (pictured), Head of Mission at the Venezuelan embassy, for Guardian to discuss the recent attack on Venezuela by the US. During our talk, Daniel shared with me his thoughts on the current events.

Franc Stregone (FS): Hi Daniel, thank you for taking time out of your day for this interview. Given the circumstances, I know you are extremely busy.

Daniel Gasparri (DG): Good afternoon, Franc. No problem!

FS: With that being said, what can you tell us about the latest attempt at a coup d ‘état? The US is denying involvement, what evidence has been unearthed to suggest otherwise?

DG: The best evidence has been made public by our Minister of Communication Jorge Rodriguez, who presented video and audio evidence of the involvement of the US in this attempt of coup d’état. The videos and audio captured highlight the division within the opposition forces, which was a factor in the plan’s failure, it also reveals the involvement of several foreign governments in the financing of the coup and its operatives. Evidence collected by the Venezuela government and intelligence also shows that Juan Guiadó (the self-proclaimed “president”) was involved in this attack. There are also images of a contract he signed with SilverCorp, the corporation responsible for the attack contract, which reveals Guiadó was to pay 211 million USD, for their services.

FS: What I found remarkable about the failure of this attack is how it was the ordinary Venezuelans, in this case, fisherman, who foiled this plan. What do you think this says about the relationship President Maduro has with the people of Venezuela?

DG: This only reaffirms the immense support that president Nicolas Maduro has from his people. Even with the economic and financial blockade by the US, our people, especially the most vulnerable sector of our population, have a strong sense of protection of their land and our resources. It is especially in these crucial moments that I believe we see how Chávez’s legacy is present more than ever. We will always defend our sovereignty.

FS: Do you think the fact that the USA has resorted to using mercenaries rather than their own soldiers shows how desperate they are? To me, this attack was reminiscent of the infamous Bay of Pigs Invasion.

DG: After numerous attempts to overthrow the legitimate government of Nicolas Maduro, I believe that the US government is desperate as they underestimated the organization of our people to defend their country. There are many declarations from high officials from the US that let us know their plans.

FS: And lastly, what can we, the Australian public, do to help strengthen the campaign against the US blockade on Venezuela? How can we help at home?

DG: I think it is essential that Australian people know about the current situation given the fact that the mainstream media bias towards the reality of the situation. We need to spread the truth about what is happening in my country. There is no doubt that President Nicolas Maduro has big support of the majority of our people and of the countries around the world who understand that Trump’s policies are foolish.

FS: Thank you for your time; this has been really informative.

DG: Thank you for the interview!

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