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Issue #1920      June 22, 2020

Australia Cuba Friendship Society Perth rallies against the US blockade on Cuba

Australia Cuba Friendship Society (ACFS) Perth members defied the brutal weather to rally outside the US Consulate in Perth on Wednesday 17th June in demand for the lifting of the US blockade on Cuba.

It is time for global solidarity and not sanctions. While Cuba has sent twenty-eight International Medical brigades to twenty-four countries the Trump Administration has strengthened the blockade placing hardship on Cuba, by blocking medical supplies. Trump in his attack even went as far as trying to persuade countries in need to refuse entry to the Cuban medical brigades. Friends of Cuba around the world, including the ACFS Australian societies, have responded to raise funds to help Cuba during this time in solidarity in support of their selfless dedication to health where it is needed.

The US administration has continued in its coercive measures adding Cuba to the list of countries that do not support its “war on terrorism”. This unjustified act by the US government is from an administration that at the same time did nothing to prevent, investigate or even make a public announcement on the 30th April terrorist attack on the Cuban diplomatic mission in Washington DC.

Globally people are also getting behind the nomination of the Cuban International Medical brigade Henry Reeve for recognition with a Nobel Peace prize. ACFS has endorsed this nomination and encourages all readers and supporters to sign the online petition:

Protestors at the rally managed to spread the word against the inhumane blockade, sharing leaflets. The ACFS branch secretary Elly Hulm made a passionate speech calling for the end of the US blockade and calling on the Australian government to challenge this extraterritorial US assault against the sovereignty of other countries. She called on the United States to respect the vote of the Australian Government that has supported the Cuban motion against the blockade at the UN General Assembly annually since 1996.

The rally called for an end to the criminal blockade on Cuba, the return of Guantánamo Bay and the end of all regime change policies sponsored by the US governments and for respect for Cuba’s right to self-determination.

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