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Issue #1920      June 22, 2020

Our record speaks for itself

Panic has gripped PM Morrison fearing large demonstrations would inevitably put the spotlight firmly on Australia’s scandalous treatment of our first Australian nations’ peoples. Our record of human rights protection of Aboriginal people speaks for itself. Persecution, land grabs, pushing aside whole cultural groupings, taking children and so much more harm done to Aboriginal people in the establishment of Western “civilisation.”

Repulsive record

Australia has a higher level of jail prejudice against its Aboriginal people than the US has. The US is populated by fewer than fourteen per cent African Americans. Their jails are populated by about thirty-four per cent African Americans.

Our Aboriginal peoples comprise less than four per cent of our population. Our jails comprise about twenty-seven per cent Aboriginal peoples. These figures speak for themselves.

Despite the Royal Commission into deaths in custody and the torture of Aboriginal youths at Don Dale prison in the Northern Territory uncovered in July 2016, no substantial improvements have been made to end black deaths in custody or for detention of Aboriginal youths – only trifling cosmetic adjustments made for public consumption.


Australia’s human rights record is backsliding with the revelations of the torture of Aboriginal youth inmates at Don Dale youth prison in the NT. The torture included: strapping youths to chairs while hooded, left for hours in solitary confinement, stripped, and tear gassed. This institutionalised brutality had been practiced for years before it was publicly uncovered by the mass media, but not disclosed by the government. The High Court has pronounced that tear gassing of the youths in detention is unlawful. Fancy in Australia, the government has to be taken to court to decide if tear gassing is torture or not.

Marx and Engels wrote:

The history of society in the past is the history of class struggles.

The oppressors and oppressed have always stood in direct opposition to each other.

The struggle between them has sometimes been open, sometimes concealed, but always continuous. A never ending struggle.

We have much to do for our First Nations’ Peoples in many areas.

The working class has no option but to demonstrate against racism, discrimination in all of its forms, to end the wasteful expenditure on armaments for war, attacks on wages and working conditions. All workers must unite and resist to exist in this declining Capitalist system.

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