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Issue #1920      June 22, 2020

Brazilian soccer fans gather in anti-fascism marches

During one of the largest global health crises in human history, hundreds of soccer fans gathered weekly to march in support of the Black Lives Matter and democracy in Brazil.

The anti-fascist movement is as old as fascism itself. However, recently, the President of the United States, Donald Trump, stated on social media that he considered the ANTIFA a terrorist organisation. The anti-fascist movement has grown during Trump’s presidency; thus, this declaration leaves a lingering question: Why declare the anti-fascist movement terrorist now?

ANTIFA campaigns against actions viewed as authoritarian, homophobic, racist, or xenophobic. Although ANTIFA is not affiliated with any one organisation on the left, it has been instrumental in supporting demonstrations by truculent governments. These campaigns by ANTIFA demonstrate why they have collaborated with the Black Lives Matter around the world, and this is why the right-wing regimes around the world are now considering ANTIFA a terrorist organisation.

However, in Brazil, the movement is now being augmented with the participation of soccer fans. The torcidas organizadas – organised soccer club groups – have always been involved in political causes in Brazil. For example, the support by the Série A team Corinthians was founded during the Brazilian military dictatorship as a way of responding to prohibitions. The difference this time is that fans that always were rivals and violent are now side-by-side in peaceful weekly rallies.

Thousands of fans are gathering weekly, demanding equality, justice, and an answer to the health crisis that is now happening. The numbers are increasing daily, counting 43,389 deaths in the country and more than 867,882 official cases. It is important to remember that Bolsonaro is trying to mask the numbers to the press, making transparency one of the“torcida organizadas requests.

Protesters against and in favour of President Jair President Bolsonaro’s government carried out new acts on the 14th June in São Paulo. It was the third weekend that hundreds of people all around Brazil were gathering, dividing the country into those that are pro and against the President Bolsonaro regime. So far, none of them have been violent.

Next article – Black Lives Matter protest held in Perth

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