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Issue #1923      July 13, 2020

British piracy still alive; Venezuelan gold stolen

The UK High Court has shamefully ruled against the Venezuelan government’s claim on around one billion US dollars’ worth of gold reserves kept at the Bank of England. The court ruled that as the UK government has recognised Juan Guaido’s group as the government of Venezuela, tailing the outrageous US policy, the account now belongs to them.

The legitimate, elected Venezuelan government under the leadership of President Nicolas Maduro had requested the release of most of those gold reserves in order to transfer them to the United Nations Development Programme, for the purpose of acquiring vital supplies to combat the COVID-19 epidemic and its consequences. This includes food and medical equipment and supplies, all of which the country is struggling to import due to the inhumane US-led unilateral blockade.

Despite the fact that the puppet Guaido has now lost any semblance of legitimacy, even amongst most of his own past supporters, the UK (as well as the Australian) government persists in the farce of acknowledging him as “acting President,” taking direct instructions from the US policy only and without any opportunity for input by the people.

The fact that the government of President Maduro is the one and only government of Venezuela in every sense is so unavoidable that the British embassy remains in Caracas, representing the UK government to the actually-governing government of President Maduro, and the latter government’s ambassador to the UK remains in London and is accredited as the representative of Venezuela. The only strongholds of the Guaido gang remain Miami and Washington DC as ever.

Many other Venezuelan state assets held around Europe and the US have been similarly seized, in what can only be described as an act of piracy. The seizure of the assets in the US by the US government has also started to create friction between them and their own puppet gang, as recently Guaido-allied media have reported that the US government has not even turned the funds over to them as promised, but instead used them for their own purposes such as funnelling hundreds of millions towards Trump’s wall at the Mexican border. Trump may have failed to get “the Mexicans to pay for it,” but if these reports are true, he has found a way to get the Venezuelan people to pay for it… which is probably all the same to him, if his past comments are anything to go by.

The 209th anniversary of Venezuela’s Declaration of Independence in 1811 was celebrated on the 5th of July. The independence document was a major impetus for the struggle against colonial rule all around the Americas. But as was apparent even to the most idealistic of 209 years ago, independence is never won only by the signing of a document. It took many years of military struggle, under the leadership of Simon Bolivar, to win independence from Spanish colonial rule. This struggle for independence arose again in the struggle against US imperialist domination, which achieved a breakthrough with the initiation of the Bolivarian Revolution under the leadership of Comandante Hugo Chávez, continuing today under the leadership of President Nicolas Maduro.

Without independence, there can be no such thing as democracy. A government which prioritises the dictates of a foreign power over the interests of its own people could not possibly be considered democratic by any meaningful definition. However, we see in the Western media a definition of democracy which is stripped of all such sense and is identical to subservience to US interests. Any of the countries which refuse this subservience, which by no coincidence are the very same countries which assert the right to independence, are portrayed as enemies of democracy, in a complete reversal of the facts.

The UK government’s dog-like submission to the US line on the question of Venezuela, like the Australian government’s identical position, is part of a pattern which constitutes a shameful betrayal of the people. Truly democratic governments must be based upon independence – both their own independence, and respect for the independence of others, two characteristics that each cannot exist without the other. The struggle being carried out by the people and government of Venezuela under the leadership of President Maduro is one of a few bright lights showing the way forward in this regard, out of the present mire of worldwide US despotism.

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