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Issue #1930      August 31, 2020

Officeworks’ workers go on strike!

On Monday the 24th August 275 Officeworks distribution centre workers across NSW and VIC engaged in 24-hours strike action. The strike action was in response to the breakdown in negotiations between the United Workers’ Union (UWU) and Officeworks.

The key claims put forth by UWU members at Officeworks have been a twelve per cent pay increase over three years, six month casual conversion for both direct casuals and labour hire, and protection for workers around Officeworks outsourcing to a third party logistics company (TOLL, DHL, etc).

At this point, Officeworks has put forth a six per cent increase on wages over three years and want to strip rights to mutual agreement around shift changes, and are seeking a reduction on penalty rates, no protection over outsourcing and no solid commitment for casual conversion.

UWU NSW Officeworks organiser Alex Suhle had this to say: “At this point in time, Officeworks has increased their profits by twenty per cent with a 2.8 billion increase on revenue over the 2019-20 financial year. Workers at Officeworks have worked many hours of overtime during COVID and have increased distribution during this time. In response to this they have offered the lowest pay rise in the history of officeworks and are attempting to strip conditions.”

Echoing these sentiments, UWU Officeworks delegate Paul stated: “We worked hard and have helped the company to make big profits during the period and they repay us by trying to low-ball us on pay and strip us of our rights in the workplace. We’ve never had to strike here before and it should really show people how bad it’s gotten in there if people are willing to take strike action during COVID.”

When asked if there will be further action Paul said: “We’re willing to go back to the table, we want a deal that reflects the value of work we do here. But if Officeworks doesn’t start treating with respect we will take further action if needed.” As of last Wednesday, workers are back at work and Officeworks will be pushing out the company agreement over the next few weeks.

The UWU members have said they will be campaigning on site to vote the agreement down and force the company back to the table.

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