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Issue #1931      September 7, 2020

Report: justice for Tane Chatfield, Sydney banner drop (26/08/2020)

Today, comrades stood in solidarity with the family of Tane Chatfield, as the coronial inquest into his death reveals its findings at Armidale Court House. Tane Chatfield is an Aboriginal man who died under suspicious circumstances on remand, under the custody of the state (see editorial “Deaths in Custody” #1924).

A leading political rally went on in support of Tane’s family in Armidale, outside of the courthouse. Meanwhile, A contingent consisting of members from the Communist Party of Australia (CPA), Australian Student Environment Network (ASEN), and Socialist Alliance, held several banners at Railway Square in Sydney to spread awareness of the injustice the Chatfield family is facing, as well as promoting the broader Black Lives Matter movement.

The banner drop action was a success. This kind of action that bridges the gap and educates the masses in their daily lives is vital for the movement, many passersby engaged with comrades present to learn more, and to show solidarity and support. The support given is indicative that the progressive position on this question is still thriving, despite attempts from the mainstream media to reverse it!

Sadly, despite the energy of the movement, and strength of solidarity with the Chatfield family, the findings led to a ruling that Tane Chatfield’s death was a suicide by hanging. The Chatfield family for the last three years has not been given the justice and closure they deserve for the killing of their beloved Tane, on the part of Corrective Services New South Wales (CSNSW). CSNSW, and the state, had failed to keep this young black man safe and alive while he was under their care and responsibility (see this week’s editorial for more).

The Black Lives Matter movement continues to demand that the state be held accountable for every death within custody.

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