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Issue #1932      September 14, 2020

No recognition for Chilean fascists

Statement by SPA Secretariat

President Allende of Chile was the first Marxist to be elected president in a liberal democracy in Latin America.

This article was originally published in SPA, October, 1973.

All progressives and democrats will be shocked and angered by the brutal murder of President Allende of Chile, the massacre of the Chilean people, the arrest of government ministers and the overthrow of the democratically elected government by a military-fascist coup.

The courageous Chilean people are continuing the country’s struggle for democracy and socialism in every way at their disposal including with guns in hand. They will defend their nationalised factories and the land which has been handed back to them by the land reform. They will not easily return to the rapacious multinational corporations the copper mines, oil installations and other industries which for decades past have been the means for the ruthless exploitation of the labour of the Chilean people.

While the struggle goes on inside Chile the task in other countries is one of solidarity action and protest. Not a single government should recognise or deal with the illegal military regime.

The United Nations should condemn the military coup and the imposition of civil war on the people and call for a complete boycott and non-recognition until the military-fascist regime quits. The Chilean workers and peasants call on their brothers in all countries for solidarity and support in this, their greatest hour of need.

Under the government of Popular Unity which comprised a coalition of the Socialist, Communist and other Parties, important reforms had already been achieved which restored the natural resources of Chile to the people.

Foreign and basic industries built by the labour of the Chilean people had been nationalised. An extensive land reform gave land to the peasants who work the soil. Workers took over the running of many factories in co-operation with the State making democracy an everyday reality for the first time.

National independence had been secured from the multinational corporations which previously dominated the economic and political life of the country.

But the multinationals did not forgive Allende and his supports and they didn’t give up the struggle to overthrow his government.

The International Telephone and Telegraph Coy, Gulf Oil, Anaconda and Kennecott Copper Coys, Guggenheim Nitrates, along with other notorious robbers of the wealth of nations and exploiters of the working people are the backers and financiers of the counter-revolutionary insurgents. Along with other Wall Street monopolists, the Pentagon imperialists are making use of their CIA manipulated fifth column of agents inside Chile.

The present period of Chilean crisis began with the parliamentary elections in March of this year when the Popular Unity parties got forty-three per cent of the vote (36.1 per cent in 1970) and buried hopes of the right to “legally” depose President Allende.

Since that time the reactionary forces have been working to create a situation of civil war. They have resorted to massive economic sabotage, assassinations, bomb outrages, and disruption in every possible way. Reaction started an open conspiracy in order to pressure the Armed Forces into a military “white” putsch.

Faced with this offensive the parties of the Popular Unity called for a general mobilisation of the working class and of the Chilean people. Voluntary Fatherland Brigades were organised to bring provisions to the people, protect the factories and railways and accompany trucks and buses during the reactionary strike of lorry owners.

The process of development of the revolutionary movement in Chile has been watched by the world with great interest holding out the possibility of socialist change within the constitution and without civil war. Imperialism could not let this experiment succeed and they used their last strongholds in the state machine to tear up the constitution, murder an elected President and impose a military dictatorship which would take away the economic and social gains made by the Chilean people, hand the factories back to the Wall St corporations and the land back to the old land-owners.

The General Secretary of the Communist Party of Chile recognised the real situation and tasks confronting the Chilean people when he said in 1972, “The 1970 election gave the people only part of the political power. The enemy is trying to dislodge us from our position. We are trying to consolidate it and carry our offensive further. This means that the class struggle resolves around the crucial issue of the revolution, the issue of power […] The Rightists hold strong positions in the radio and press. They use them to spread panic, lie to the people, vilify the government and the President of the Republic.”

About the army he said, “Under the Constitution the Army does not intervene in political controversies. But, of course, the Army consists of people […]. One cannot rule out that a military leader thirsting for power may appear, as was the case when ex-General Viaux at the end of 1969 refused to obey the former Government and attempted to prevent the Popular Unity victory. The plotters have set out to cause economic and political chaos so as to force the Armed Forces to abandon their traditional stand and induce them to interfere.”

This analysis is of profound importance to all socialists as well as being a timely warning. The people held only “part of the political power.” The nationalisation of industries and the participation of the workers in running them in itself is insufficient if important elements of the state machine (the army, navy, air force, and courts) remain in the hands of the capitalist class. The people of Chile could only be said to hold the full power when they had destroyed the capitalist state apparatus and built a State machine which was loyal to the will of the people and the government.

If the people of Chile can organise and mobilise sufficient forces, if sufficient solidarity is given by the progressive and democratic forces of other countries, the defeat of the military coup may yet be achieved and the last stronghold of the reactionary forces in Chile destroyed.

The most important battle against imperialism is now going on in Chile.

Every possible solidarity action, every possible message of protest to the military junta, every possible message of support for the democratic forces should be sent.

No recognition of the illegal military regime! Complete boycott until the military regime quits! Out with the monopolies and their CIA assassins! HANDS OFF CHILE!

The revolutionary experience of the Chilean people is of profound importance to the world socialist movement and all people struggling against local and foreign monopoly capitalism and imperialism ... including the progressive movement in Australia.

The central task of any revolutionary transition is the question of winning political power for the working people and other progressive forces, and how this is done. Reforms, as introduced by the Australian Labor Government, can only go a certain distance. They will come up against the resistance and sabotage of the reactionary capitalist class irrespective of the democratic decisions of the people.

Reforms can become real and lasting and a new socialist society constructed only by ending the economic domination of capitalism over the economy AND by ending the control of the state machine by previous capitalist governments.

These lessons will undoubtedly be fully analysed in the future but in the meantime ...



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