The Guardian • Issue #1958

MAY DAY – Fight for the right to strike – Fight for a better world

  • The Guardian
  • Issue #1958

This May Day the Communist Party of Australia calls on the government to:

  • Legislate for the unfettered right to strike
  • Replace enterprise agreements with union-negotiated Industry agreements
  • Fully restore penalty rates to wages
  • Abolish the Australian Building and Construction Commission
  • Abolish labour hire and gig economy practices
  • Close the gender pay gap
  • Unrestricted access to represent workers and the right to organise
  • Adopt a national manufacturing and local content plan
  • Create jobs and increase wages
  • Introduce a shorter working week with no loss of pay
  • Divert the war budget to fund social needs
  • Nationalise the health system, NDIS and aged care
  • Fully fund public education and abolish fees
  • Introduce free early childhood education and care
  • Take its hands off workers’ superannuation
  • Nationalise major infrastructure including Qantas and Telstra
  • Prioritise a just transition to a renewable, zero carbon economy.

May Day is a day of international solidarity where workers express their solidarity with workers and trade unions around the world in their struggles.

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