The Guardian • Issue #1958

CPA Statement on May Day 2021

Standing with workers in Australia and across the world!

The Communist Party of Australia stands with workers who, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, have taken to the streets in Australia and across the world in defence of their rights at work, civil and democratic rights.

May Day is a day of class struggle and internationalism. It is a display of class solidarity in opposition to the attacks by capitalist governments and employers on working people and in opposition to the downward spiral of living standards. Actions in Sydney and other cities are a militant reclaim of the 1st of May. It is the consolidation of workers’ struggles against employers and the governments that support capital.

Workers are taking to the street demanding that their rights at work be respected by the Morrison government and multinational corporations using the pandemic as an excuse to attack wages and conditions further.

The right to strike is essential and bargaining rights including the right to bargain across industries that break away from shackles imposed by the employer sector on the organised working class through enterprise agreements.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been used as an excuse to further undermine wages and conditions for working people. It is also used to justify that workers will pay for the capitalist crisis. The Morrison government has failed the working class and their families while putting front-line workers at risk. The pandemic demands solidarity among the peoples. We demand the profiteering with the Covid-19 vaccine must stop for the wellbeing of humanity.

The removal of child care assistance, JobKeeper and the back to the past on JobSeeker mean workers go back to the same old past of misery and exploitation by the big end of town.

The CPA condemns the further casualisation of labour and the bailouts of corporations that have become wealthier during the pandemic.

We strongly support workers taking strike action on May Day as part of a campaign to achieve these demands. The CPA is participating and gives its full solidarity.

The Communist Party of Australia campaigns for Health, Workers’ Rights and Socialism. It demands that workers will not pay for the capitalist crisis. It congratulates the leadership of trade unions that in defiance of the status quo are taking to the streets on May 1.

The Communist Party of Australia sends its solidarity greetings to all workers in Australia and around the world, to all our fraternal Communist and Workers Parties’ internationally.

Long Live May Day 2021!

Long Live Internationalism!

Long Live Peace and Socialism!

Central Committee Executive

May Day 2021

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