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On Sunday the 30th of May, activists in Perth joined the global campaign Bridges of Love. The campaign has mobilised many people around the world demanding the end of the criminal US blockade on Cuba.

For more than sixty years, Cuba has been under the longest and inhumane blockade; a blockade no other country has ever been subjected to. This is considered an act of war under international law.

Despite the long blockade, the Cuban revolution has survived and continues to build a socialist society in the best interest of its people.

The Cuban revolution and the dignity of its people have survived more than ten US Presidents and all the acts of state terrorism.

President Obama made some attempt to re-establish more diplomatic relations with Cuba. The process was welcomed by many around the world but the reactionary forces found in President Trump the best vehicle to feed their hatred. Trump introduced 242 new coercive measures and enforced the extraterritoriality of the blockade on Cuba. It penalises third countries from trading with Cuba.

The pandemic presents even more challenges that hurt the entire world but in particular the poorest and less developed. For Cuba the blockade makes the pandemic even more painful. The pandemic demands solidarity among the peoples of the world. Calls to remove coercive measures to confront the pandemic have fallen on the deaf ears of the US administration.

Cuba has been able to produce five vaccine candidates, two in final stages of development. However, the blockade makes it difficult for Cuba to purchase raw materials for the mass production of the vaccines needed and Cuba faces shortages of medical supplies that include syringes and other basic materials. The Communist Party of Australia stands with the Cuban revolution. Join the global campaign against the US blockade on Cuba and demand its end.

Viva Cuba!

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