The Guardian • Issue #1964

Contribution by CPA General Secretary Andrew Irving at the World Symposium For Marxist Political Parties

The topic under discussion, on which Comrade Irving spoke was “People-centred Philosophy and Poverty Eradication” this contribution contains extracts from the 100th anniversary greeting to the Communist Party of China (CPC) by Assistant General Secretary David Matters.


This is an appropriate subject on which to speak as it links Marxist Philosophy and theories to the essence of its application in society and the success of the Comrades of the CPC in the practice of Marxism in defeating poverty.

The Communist Party of Australia thanks the CPC for inviting a number of our comrades to participate in this important World Symposium, and we are proud to be given this opportunity to participate by making a contribution in this Panel discussing People-centered Philosophy and Poverty Eradication.

To start, on behalf of our party, we wish to recognise, welcome and rejoice the 100th anniversary of the foundation of the CPC. This anniversary provides an opportunity to pause and reflect on the events over these 100 years.

In China, the CPC has made many outstanding political, social, economic and defence achievements for its people; a vanguard party that has gathered the most developed, committed, and heroic elements of Chinese society.

History has shown that the CPC has successfully applied theory and practice. Its achievements are measured by its experience and political development, creating the expertise to further develop Marxist theory for practical application to the needs and reality of the Chinese nation.

Our party comes to hear about a revolution from a revolutionary party which has based its theory and practice on a strong base of scientific socialism. To learn from the experiences of victory and defeat in the difficult path to success.

China opposed great power chauvinism and set up its international relations to encourage the independence of developing nations.

Particular attention was paid to International and internal contradictions under the leadership of the Communist Party of China by reaching out to the world with increased engagement through trade, tourism, education exchanges, and economic development, creating a powerful environment for the building of a peaceful world.

It presently has a GDP of over US$17 trillion. Just one example of this economic success was built upon investing 2.5 per cent of its GDP on Research and Development. The 13th Five-year Plan aims to make China a leading power in science and technology, including the areas of theoretical mathematics to Artificial Intelligence.

President Hu Jintao saw the need to revitalise Marxism within the Chinese nation and the party by establishing the Chinese Academy of Marxism, strengthening party schools and taking the struggle to the educational institutions, winning a new generation of Communists by actively engaging and combating Bourgeois Liberal views that potentially could undermine the understanding and development of scientific socialism within China.

Under Comrade Xi Jinping, the Chinese Nation has reached a New Era. The task of eliminating absolute poverty has been achieved and now the goal is to build a mature socialist society through the high-level participation of the people in national development and economic production. China’s Belt and Road Initiative is contributing to the development of a sustainable world based on promoting peace, independence, and socialism.

The living science of Marxism, freed from dogma and its continuing process of seeking truth from facts, is alive and well in our world. The predatory capitalist class has identified the Communist Party of China’s stand with humanity as a barrier to their voracious need for increasing exploitation, power and market expansion.

In Australia, we are committed to stand calmly and firmly against the lies being told about our good friends and comrades in the Communist Party of China, and we will resist the pressure, propaganda and xenophobia of the bourgeoisie.

We are committed to develop fraternal friendship between all communist and worker’s parties and that this comradeship with Parties and peoples will strengthen the struggle and campaign for the liberation of all.

To finish, I would like to quote comments made by comrade Xi Jinping on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of Marx’s birth.

“We must win the advantages, win the initiative, and win the future. We must continuously improve the ability to use Marxism to analyse and solve practical problems.”

Marx is the “teacher of revolution” for the proletariat and working people all over the world.

Long Live the CPC, at one with the Chinese people, and the guarantor of the Chinese people’s prosperity and independence.

Thank you

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