The Guardian • Issue #1947

CPA statement on US inclusion of Cuba on its terror list

The Communist Party of Australia condemns in the strongest possible terms the inclusion of Cuba on the US list of “state sponsors of terrorism.”

On Monday 11th January 2021, just nine days short of the end of President Donald Trump’s mandate, the State Department under Mike Pompeo unilaterally decided to include Cuba on the US list of terror. President Obama had removed Cuba from that list in 2015.

Despite some improvements during the Obama Administration, the situation for the Cuban people has been difficult under the 60-year-long blockade. Cuba and its internal affairs have always been treated as a matter of “national security” for the United States.

Since the beginning of the Cuban revolution in 1959, Cuba has been a frequent victim of terrorist actions against the Cuban people. Terrorist actions organised, sponsored, and funded by the US have had an impact on the daily lives of the Cuban people.

Cuba has been a victim of terrorist acts such as the Bay of Pigs invasion, introduced plagues, the mid-air bombing of Cubana Airline 455 in 1976, bombings in hotels and other tourist installations, and the payment of internal operatives to carry out soft coup activities.

The US targets the Henry Reeve international medical brigades by exerting pressure on receiving countries not to accept Cuba’s assistance. US funding has increased for subversive actions against Cuba internally and externally.

The Cuban foreign affairs ministry issued a firm statement condemning this new unilateral action by the Trump Administration. It exposes the hatred against Cuba for exercising its right to self-determination and defence of its sovereignty.

The Trump Administration reversed most of President Obama’s goodwill policies, and the blockade was strengthened with the implementation of the Helms-Burton Act Chapter III, the persecution of investors, and the further introduction of economic sanctions, particularly during the pandemic.

The world is watching this latest action against Cuba by the US administration. The US has no moral excuse to do this and when we contrast it against the internal political mess that currently grips the US, even less so. The US would do better to turn its attention to the lives and safety of the US people which are being endangered by President Trump promoting local terrorism.

Central Committee,

International Department

14th January 2021

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