The Guardian • Issue #1956

REPORT: Brisbane International Women’s Day 2021

The 2021 IWD event for the Brisbane branch of the CPA was held as a joint activity with ASLA (Australian Solidarity with Latin America) on 7th March at the Redbrick Hotel in Brisbane.

The event was presented by Karla Orellana, a member of both ASLA and the CPA. Comrade Charli gave a greeting from the CPA, and comrade Adela gave a greeting from ASLA.

The Venue was filled to capacity as members of the CPA and ASLA gave readings and sang songs from the International Working Women’s Movement, dealing with the struggles of women from all across the globe.

The main song and poems were: Song Without Fear, Curriculum Vitae, and Maya Kaqchikel Woman, with additional music and performances from Jumping Fences and a wonderful addition of Bread and Roses by comrades from the Brisbane Branch.

After the main event comrades and guests had a dinner in the restaurant and continued to discuss International Women’s Day and the struggles of women.

All in all, the Brisbane event was hugely successful, and the branch would like to extend its thanks to all the friends, both old and new, who attended the event, especially those who gave a reading of a poem or a musical performance.

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