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Over 7.1 million veteran CPC members honoured for “50 years of glory”

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The Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee will for the first time award honorary medals to over 7.1 million veteran Party members, as the CPC marks the 100th anniversary of its founding.

The awarding started on the 2nd of June and will last until the 1st of July, the day of the CPC centennial. The medals will be given to those who have been in the Party for 50 years or more as of the 1st of July and have consistently performed well.

In the future, the CPC Central Committee will award certain Party members with medals every year on the day, according to the leading group office of the CPC centennial celebrations.

The commemorative medal is fifty millimetres in diameter, made of copper and zinc alloy, and with red and gold as its main colours. It features various designs that represent the Party’s spirit, achievements and glory.

The main body of the medal is engraved with the Party emblem and decorative elements including the five-pointed star, flags, monuments, sunflower, glorious flowers and brilliant rays, which all have their own special meanings.

The Party emblem in the middle of the medal, for instance, symbolizes the core position of the Party’s leadership and the firm faith and loyalty of the Party members.

From the centre of the circle outward, there is a sunflower surrounding the Party emblem, which indicates that people of all ethnic groups in China are closely united around the Party.

The outside circle of the medal is embedded with monuments, signifying the glorious course and great achievements made by the Party.

The five-pointed star represents passing on the Party’s ideals and missions, the flowers refer to prosperity, peace and praising of glory, and the flag indicates that the lofty ideals of Communism will continue.

Another part on the top of the medal is engraved with mountains, rivers, a Chinese knot and a ribbon, with the words “50 years of glory in the Party” conveying the idea that Party members will not forget their original aspirations and missions and will strive to move forward.

Founded in 1921, the CPC had fifty-eight members in its early organisation. By the end of 2019, the total number of CPC members has reached 91.9 million.

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