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Chile: Poll favours communist candidate in presidential election

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  • Issue #1968

According to a survey released on Monday, Daniel Jadue, the candidate for the Communist Party of Chile, is positioned at the top of the polls for the upcoming presidential elections of next November 21.

These data from the latest Cadem Plaza Pública survey, which positioned the mayor of Recoleta at the head of the race in terms of popular support. He has fourteen per cent of the spontaneous preference vote, one point more than a week ago, thus remaining at the top of the list.

Behind the communist candidate is Joaquín Lavín, of the far right-wing Independent Democratic Union (UDI), and Yasna Provoste, of the Christian Democratic Party, considered a safe candidate. However, she has not yet been elected by that party, the latter with thirteen and nine per cent, respectively.

Daniel Jadue is one of the emerging political figures since the outbreak of the popular revolt in 2018 against the government of Sebastian Piñera. The mayor of a well-to-do commune of Santiago has his first litmus test next July when the primaries of the left will be held.

However, the Cadem poll does not predict a good result for the communist candidate in the second round. It placed Senator Yasna Provoste as the winner in an eventual second round against any other opponent.

In fact, it would be in that instance where the legislator would gain strength, in an eventual run-off with Jadue, where she would win with forty per cent of the vote, against Lavín with thirty-nine per cent, as well as against the right-wing independent of Chile Vamos, Sebastián Sichel.

On the other hand, Jadue would not fare well in an eventual second round and would also lose the election to Lavín, obtaining only thirty-two per cent against thirty-nine per cent of the mayor of Las Condes, according to the poll. He would also not win against Sichel, who would face the same scenario. Pollster Cadem has close ties to the current administration of Sebastian Pińera.


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