The Guardian • Issue #1969

CPA president’s contribution to the CPC and World Political Parties Summit

Speech delivered by Party President Vinnie Molina

Comrades and friends,

I thank the Communist Party of China’s International Department for the invitation to participate in this Summit. Socialists have struggled for the last one hundred years since the Great October Socialist Revolution for people’s happiness, peace and harmony.

Political parties and organisations from all political and ideological perspectives have the responsibility to work together in solidarity with each other for the elimination of poverty, health, education, and to save the planet from climate change or war.

On the historic occasion of the centenary of the founding of the Communist Party of China the Communist Party of Australia sends its fraternal greetings and congratulations.

We listened with interest to comrade Xi Jinping’s address on the Centenary celebrations and we are confident that his assessment of the heroic development of the Chinese revolution and the construction of socialism with Chinese characteristics provides a real example for the world. As the CPA General Secretary comrade Andrew Irving said in a recent interview with Chinese media, the developments and achievements led by the CPC is a success for all Marxists around the world.

The CPA appreciates its growing fraternal relations with the Communist Party of China, and the deepening relations amongst the international Communist movement generally. The experience of the CPC in carrying out revolution and socialist construction, as well as the adaptation of Marxism to the complex circumstances in China, is a vast library of knowledge studied throughout the world.

The unipolar world with US hegemony has been a disaster for the people of the world. But world events are moving in a new direction. China’s growing prestige amongst the developing world is revealing new opportunities for human development, independence, peace, and happiness for the people.

International solidarity is growing between the world’s progressive people striving for independence, peace, and socialism. While the socialist camp took a serious hit towards the end of the 20th century, the growing solidarity and cooperation between China, Vietnam, Lao PDR, DPRK [North Korea], and Cuba, as well as the revolutionary processes underway in Venezuela and elsewhere, inspires confidence in the future of international socialism and the long march towards Communism.

The United States spreads vicious lies and applies grossly unfair means such as criminal sanctions and interventions, in desperate attempts to maintain its dominance. But the emerging standard of international relations, exemplified by China’s commitment to multilateralism, equality, and respect, reveals a new way forward in the interests of humanity.

Building a community with a shared future for humankind is a model for the peaceful development of international relations. We believe that only through solidarity can the COVID pandemic be defeated. No one is safe until all are safe. Developed countries must ensure vaccines and technologies are shared with the developing world. Patents must be suspended allowing the transfer of technology and raw materials for the manufacture of vaccines.

The Communist Party of China’s achievements in poverty reduction show what is possible with a scientific, materialist outlook on development and governance. The difference between capitalist and socialist systems is brought into clear focus: under capitalism the interests of working and poor people are only relevant when it is in the interests of the wealthy; under socialism, the interests of the wealthy are only considered where they are relevant to the interests of the working people.

Countries must work in developing friendly and beneficial relations; Australia and China have a lot to gain in overcoming their differences. Establishing respectful diplomatic and trade relations based on the principle of no interference in the internal affairs of each country.

The democratisation of organisations like the World Trade Organisation (WTO) in which workers’ rights are respected and not subjugated to the interests of multinational corporations will guarantee the planet and the environment are put first.

Peaceful resolution of differences in the Asia-Pacific is an imperative for the best interests of all countries in the area. We will continue to campaign for peace and no war in the pacific.

The CPC’s ambitious goals towards the People’s Republic of China’s centenary in 2049 will transform China into a powerful modern socialist country and a model for the world.

“The Marxist doctrine is omnipotent because it is true” – these immortal words of Comrade Lenin remain as valid as ever. And as Comrade Mao Zedong said: “Armed with Marxist-Leninist theory and ideology, the Communist Party of China has brought a new style of work to the Chinese people, a style of work which essentially entails integrating theory with practice, forging close links with the masses and practising self-criticism.” This style of work continues to be carried on by the CPC, guiding the successive victories of the Chinese people.

Long live the Communist Party of China!

Long live proletarian internationalism!

Long live socialism!

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