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Aus gov’ts favour celebrity racist over citizens

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Last week, Far-right British commentator Katie Hopkins had her visa cancelled and subsequently was deported from Australia. Hopkins also received a $1000 fine by NSW police for failing to wear a mask. Channel 7 flew in the “provocateur” to join the reality television program Big Brother VIP. However, Hopkins bragged on social media about breaching safety protocols during her quarantine while describing the COVID lockdowns as “the greatest hoax in human history.”

Minister for Home Affairs Karen Andrews qualified Hopkins antics as “shameful” and her actions as “appalling.” However, Hopkins’ behaviour is well-documented not just on COVID-19 but on a variety of issues. When asked whether someone like Hopkins – who has likened migrants to cockroaches – should have been allowed to visit in the first place Andrews, in typical Coalition fashion, passed on the buck. “[A]ctually,” says Andrews, “[she] came into the country with support of a state government. […] state governments approach the federal government on the basis that there is an economic benefit to some people coming in over the quarantine caps.”

Further defending that the decision was of “economic benefit,” NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard stated that “We put in place a process where the film companies who are guaranteeing a massive boost to our economy and jobs can make applications, as long as they do it in a way that is not going to impede on the number of Australians coming back.”

Channel Seven and production company Endemol Shine Australia also put out a statement saying they “strongly condemn her irresponsible and reckless comments in hotel quarantine.”

However, the shock both the ministers, network, and production company express presents a serious problem. Either a.) all parties involved didn’t do their job in investigating Hopkins’ character, or b.) They’re lying and were aware but did not care about putting a raging racist on TV. The evidence favours the latter.

Hopkins’ Instagram account is littered with COVID denialism. Her comments were not a revelation but rather an affirmation of her character. The whole reason why she, a UK “columnist,” was brought in was because of her reputation, and her reactionary opinions would most definitely have garnered ratings.

All the more upsetting is that such a person was allowed into this country when thousands of Australians have been left stranded overseas. According to The Guardian (UK), “[s]ince July just 3,070 arrivals are allowed each week, despite there being more than 30,000 Australians stranded overseas and seeking to return home.” Furthermore, “[t]he limit on the number of international arrivals coming into Australia via commercial flights was halved from [the 14th of July]” over concerns arising from the Delta strain.

The Coalition’s prioritising of perceived “economic benefits” over its own citizens, which it has showcased with its failed handling of the pandemic, is just the latest example of the Coalition’s contempt for the working class. The CPA, through its electoral expression – The Communists, will put Australians before profits. Register at to help us make the ballot!

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