The Guardian • Issue #1974


Dear Editor,

I want to join the Communist Party of Australia because I’m tired of seeing the world and the working class exploited and poisoned by the bourgeoisie for the sake of profits. Humanity and the world are in a dark state of affairs, and the majority of issues are directly related to capitalism.

I grew up in low-income areas, and I have seen friends get pulled from families because the parents are deemed financially unstable. I have known kids that often went two days without food. The Australian media likes to ignore the very real issues many people face both here in Australia and throughout the world. My own mother worked so hard she ended up with a severe disability and has never been able to work again.

I believe installing socialism worldwide is the only humane way to move society forward and reaching an advanced communist society is the only way the planet, nature and humanity is going to remain stable and alive. Therefore, I feel it’s my duty as a human being to help push for change and help the working class.


Ricardo West

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