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Petition: no nuclear submarines

End US dominance; healthcare, not warfare

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The behind closed door commitment of Australia to a trilateral security agreement with the United Kingdom, and the United States (AUKUS) and a submarine fleet shows a complete disregard for the democratic process and undermines sovereignty.

It is shocking that the decision to build nuclear-powered submarines and expand US troops, planes, warships, bombers and armoury stationed on Australian territory was made in secret without any public consultation or parliamentary debate.

A nuclear-powered submarine fleet will represent a fundamental threat to the environment and global peace. These submarines will put nuclear reactors in the ports of Australia, encourage the proliferation of nuclear weapons and are potential sites for nuclear accidents.

The submarines will also impose an extraordinary economic burden on the Australian people. Funding for healthcare, welfare, education and the environment will be raided. These resources should be directed to the social and economic needs of workers and the Australian people, and the rebuilding of local sustainable manufacturing industries.

The AUKUS defence pact tied to these submarines is a threat to global peace and will undermine Australia’s sovereignty. Australia cannot exercise an independent foreign policy if our military is reliant on the US for technology and support.

AUKUS is a step backwards for diplomacy and international relations. It represents a Cold War mentality that brings with it the same repression, conflict and potentially war.

The Australian government must withdraw from AUKUS, stop the development of nuclear submarines and end integration into the US military.

For these reasons, we, the undersigned, are calling on the Australian government to fully withdraw from AUKUS and the commitment to build nuclear submarines.

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