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Fraternal greetings for the 14th Congress of the CPA

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Below are more greetings from our fraternal parties from around the globe, sending us messages of well wishes and solidarity.


On behalf of the members of the German Communist Party, I greet the delegates of the 14th National Congress of the Communist Party of Australia.

In the preparation of your Party Congress, you are discussing many questions that are also important for us. How can communists best conduct the struggle for the social and democratic rights of working people, against imperialist war policies, for peace and socialism?

How can we stop the costs of the capitalist crisis, aggravated by the COVID pandemic, from being passed down onto the working people?

How do we strengthen the communist party as a precondition to wage these struggles successfully.

Your party as well as ours is fighting against imperialist war policy, you are currently fighting against the AUKUS treaty directed against the People’s Republic of China, we are fighting against the war policy of NATO and the EU against Russia and the People’s Republic of China.

We wish your National Congress fruitful discussions and good decisions and your party a successful implementation of these decisions.

Long live international solidarity!

With communist greetings

Renate Koppe

International secretary


The Communist Party of Brazil (PCdoB) sends its warm greetings to the 14th National Congress of the Communist Party of Australia.

The persistent capitalist crisis, aggravated by the pandemic, clearly reveals the cruelty and selfishness of capitalism. It represents an attack against the fundamental pillars of democracy to facilitate the imposition of policies that place the entire weight of the system’s crisis on the proletariat’s shoulders. Besides, imperialism increases its aggressiveness by threatening people and nations as a reaction to the relative decline of the USA.

In contrast, it is up to us to reinforce international solidarity with the people in struggle. We should compose a broad and powerful world front to defend peace, democracy, and self-determination.

We consider that the existence of influential and militant communist parties is a powerful tool for us to advance to a higher stage of the struggle: the construction of socialism.

We are convinced that the 14th Congress will be instrumental in further strengthening the Communist Party of Australia.

Long live the 14th Congress of the Communist Party of Australia!

Long live socialism!

Luciana Santos

National President


The Central Committee of the New Communist Party of Yugoslavia is delighted to extend greetings and the warmest congratulations to the fraternal CP of Australia Central Committee on the occasion of the 14th National Congress of CP of Australia “Build the Party for a Socialist Future”.

The 14th National Congress of CP of Australia takes place at a time when the situations in the world and regions unfold in a very complex and unpredictable way, the COVID-19 pandemic continues to have a profound impact on all aspects of political, economic, and social life of countries across the world.

The only solution of severe economic, political, environmental, and human issues being closely connected with the capitalism itself as well as with its crises, is the revolutionary transition towards socialism.

We believe that the congress will be held in a positive atmosphere to become a real venue for open and fruitful discussions.

We congratulate the Central Committee, all the delegates and party members of the CP of Australia on your 14th National Congress. We believe that comradeship and fraternal relations between the CP of Australia and the New Communist Party of Yugoslavia will grow stronger.

We wish you big creative successes, new fiery ideas and solidarity with all like-minded people in the world.

Long live working class internationalism!

In solidarity,

New Communist Party of Yugoslavia, NKPJ

Central committee


The Communist Party of Sweden sends comradely greetings to the members of the Communist Party of Australia on the occasion of your 14th Congress.

It is the mission of the vanguard party to lead the oppressed class against the hegemony and propaganda of the bourgeoisie. In the face of increasing aggression between the EU-NATO block and Russia, geopolitical tension in the South Pacific, a surge in unemployment, and an approaching economic and environmental collapse, this mission is more important than ever.

It is up to the communists to lead the working peoples towards the future they deserve.

We wish you a productive and successful 14th Congress.

Long live socialism-communism!

Long live proletarian internationalism!

With comradely regards,

The International Section

Communist Party of Sweden


Warm greetings from Communists of Catalonia to the leadership and all the delegates to the 14th National Congress of the Communist Party of Australia. We are far away, but international solidarity makes us closer. We hope, and we are sure, that the discussions in your congress will strengthen the party and its position within the working class in Australia.

You have your congress in a crucial moment for the working class around the world. The struggle against the pandemic made clear that it’s absolutely necessary to have universal healthcare controlled by the workers. We have excellent examples in Vietnam, China, or Cuba. It has been demonstrated that against the chaos and the law of the jungle, socialist values are key in order to protect life and constrain the pandemic.

In this way, we think that the slogan of your congress “Build the Party for a socialist future” fits perfectly our times. The necessity of socialist future is nowadays more clear than ever. Capitalism is a threat to all humankind. It not only perpetuates a system based on the exploitation of man by man, is a threat to the climate and the entire life of the planet, and also is a system that drives us hopelessly towards imperialist wars.

In Europe, we face a serious threat of an imperialist war in Ukraine, with the never-ending expansion of NATO and the military ambitions of the US. Unfortunately, we are seeing the European governments following this warmongering rhetoric, even against its own interests. Behaving like a truly puppet governments of US imperialism.

We see a similar situation in your case. The AUKUS alliance is a serious threat to peace in the Pacific region, and a clear attempt to intimidate China. And Australia and the UK are blindly following this war agenda.

The whole world needs a strong peace movement in Australia that could put an end to this aggressive alliance. We are sure that the Communist Party of Australia will be at the forefront of this struggle.

Finally, we want to express again our greetings to your congress, we wish to read the conclusions of it, and also we wish to keep on strengthening the relationship between our sister organisations.

Long live proletarian internationalism!

Long live the Communist Party of Australia and its 14th National Congress!

International Relations Secretariat

Communists of Catalonia


The Central Committee of the Party of Labour of Austria sends warm and fraternal greetings to all members and militants and to all delegates of the 14th Congress of the Communist Party of Australia. The slogan of your congress  “Build the Party for the Socialist Future” points out the role and the task of the communist parties to overthrow the capitalist system and to lead the struggle of the working class and the popular strata for socialism-communism.

Since our last congress, the fourth congress of the Party of Labour of Austria, the PdA was able to make great efforts in the reorganisation of the work of the Party. We relaunched our Party newspaper, named Zeitung der Arbeit, as a daily online newspaper which also appears in print at a quarterly rate. We were able to strengthen our ties in the working class and the popular strata. We organised new militants and founded a youth section of the party.

The working class and the popular strata in Austria and in Australia is confronted with the crisis of capitalism. The PdA analyses that we are confronted with four different crises. The first is the economic crisis that is a result of the capitalist economy and the overaccumulation of capital. The second crisis is the health crisis even in the most developed capitalist states which is the consequence of the privatisation of the health care system and subordination of health care under the profits of the monopolies. The exploitation of nature and natural resources by the monopolies has fatal consequences for the peoples and the working class all over the world. The result is the environmental/ecological crisis. The permanent corruption in the capitalist system and at least the difference between the experts and bourgeoisie politicians in the management of the pandemic led to a crisis of the political superstructure. In this situation we see the rise of new political forces in some countries but in fact these political forces can replace old bourgeois political forces that are discredited in the masses. All these different crises are a result of the capitalist system and the only real solution in the interest of the working class and the popular strata is socialism.

The crises of capitalism sharpened the antagonism and the confrontation between the different factions in the capital, the imperialists, and their alliances. The PdA wishes the 14th congress of the Communist Party of Australia great success. We are sure that delegates to your congress draw the right conclusions and decisions for the work of the Party in the future. The Party of Labour is convinced that the CPA will succeed in strengthening its ties with the working class and the popular strata and in raising its prestige both nationally and internationally.

Long live the Communist Party of Australia!

Long live Proletarian Internationalism!

Long live Marxism-Leninism!


Comrades, we write in respect of your upcoming 14th National Congress and would be obliged if you would convey the sincere greetings of the Workers’ Party of Ireland to your members.

We do not purport to be familiar with the political situation in Australia but the effects of the capitalist world system are likely similar in the broad strokes, if not in the particular detail.

Consequently, we note the similarity of the issues regarding trade union rights, the environment, the lingering effects of the financial crisis, and of course, international peace as exemplified by the AUKUS issue, the inklings of which have reached even our far shores.

Comrades, we wish you well in your struggles to come and are heartened to hear that the Party has experienced growth in recent years. We hope that your progress will continue and that the banner of socialism shall continue to be flown in defiance of the century long effort by the ruling class to eradicate working class opposition to the capitalist system.

Fraternally yours,

James O’Brien

International Secretary – The Workers’ Party of Ireland


The National Council of the Communist Party of India wishes to extend its warm fraternal greetings to the leadership and delegates participating in the 14th National Congress of the Communist Party of Australia under the slogan “Build the Party for a Socialist Future.”

The 14th Congress of the CPA is also taking place, when the aggressive role of finance capital and the policy of threats, sanctions and intimidation by the US, EU and NATO are continuing. NATO’s move towards the East has resulted in war like situation in Europe involving Ukraine and Russia. The policy of encircling Russia is endangering the Peace and stability in Europe and world at large. The new alignment of Gulf and Arab rulers with racist Israel is also threatening the already volatile situation in the Middle-East and endangering the life of the Palestine people, stability of that area as well as jeopardising the life of common people the world over.

We are happy to take note that the CPA made significant growth since the 13th Congress. We are sure that the present Congress will discuss seriously issues related to the rights of the Aboriginal people and the working people of Australia. We believe that the political outcome of the 14th National Congress will further strengthen the struggling people of Australia in their struggle for peace, democracy and radical transformation of the Australian society.

We believe that the 14th National Congress will discuss along with other national issues the issues of AUKUS and QUAD which are going to endanger the peace and stability in Asia-Pacific region and will mobilise the Australian people against such imperialist moves.

We wish all success to the 14th National Congress of the Communist Party of Australia.

With warm fraternal greetings,

Comradely Yours,

Pallab Sengupta

Secretary, National Council

Head of the International Department

Communist Party of India


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