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“Guardian” celebrates 2000 issues

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  • Issue #2000

This week, The Guardian – The Workers’ Weekly celebrates its 2000th issue. This 2000th issue comes after fifty years of being in print and under the earlier titles of SPA and The Socialist.

The production of our Party paper is a collective effort and not the result of any one individual. Most of our contributors – many of whom are Party members – volunteer their time and efforts to produce the Party paper, whether that be by writing for it or assisting in its distribution. This work is done out of a sense of duty and commitment to our Party’s revolutionary program and to provide readers from across the political spectrum with our analysis of affairs happening at home and abroad. Without the numerous comrades throughout the decades who have contributed, it would be impossible to produce such a high-quality publication or even one at all.

Speaking on the analysis we have provided over the last five decades, it is important to note that it is only because of our commitment to Marxism-Leninism and, more broadly, scientific socialism that we have been able to provide coverage that has consistently and accurately highlighted (and even predicted) many of the problems in our world. Without such an all-compassing ideology that so thoroughly outlines the many intersections of workers’ struggles, we would not be able to bring our readers such a reliable alternative to what is presented by the ruling class.

Providing this alternative independent source of media for the Australian public is an incredibly important task for our Party. It is the only place readers will find so openly revealed the source and nature of the antagonisms the working class face from the state and corporations that rule our nation. It is the only place where the Party can properly deliver its message and its solutions to solve these problems to the public.

However, the Party can only continue doing this if it is properly supported and has the resources to function. Subscriptions and donations help tremendously in covering our bills and paying our staff. It is important that this support continues.

On emphasising the importance of Party literature, V I Lenin noted that:

“Literature must become part of the common cause of the proletariat, ‘a cog and a screw’ of one single great Social-Democratic [communist] mechanism set in motion by the entire politically-conscious vanguard of the entire working class. Literature must become a component of organised, planned and integrated Social-Democratic Party work.”

It is clear from the above that Lenin understood that the work of the Party press was an incredibly important tool in Party work, a necessary tool to win the working class, a tool that helps advance the Party program.

The Guardian – The Workers’ Weekly has a lot to be proud of in its fifty years and 2000 issues. Thank you to all of those who have supported us throughout the years, your contributions – whatever they may be – have helped us tremendously.

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