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Central Committee statement on the Federal election

Smashing the two-party system is possible

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  • Issue #2008

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The Communist Party of Australia predicted a government where Greens, progressives and independents would play an important role. At the time of making this statement Labor has been sworn into government and the exact distribution of seats will be confirmed in the days ahead.

The electorate has spoken and given a strong mandate that ambitious and urgent action is needed to address climate change. The electorate wants to see upgraded targets for 2030 as required by the latest climate science.

The CPA congratulates the Greens on their significant results in both houses of government. These wins in the lower house will enable progressive reforms through legislation. There is the possibility they will hold the balance of power in the Senate, but it could be some weeks before the final Senate results are known.

The election of independent crossbenchers together with the Greens has landed a serious blow to the two-party system. Under these new conditions Communists and progressives must organise to struggle for a pro-working-class agenda and prevent backsliding from the ALP. An opportunity opens up to improve the position of workers and undermine monopolies if backed up by an intensified struggle, mass mobilisation and organisation.

The electorate responded positively to progressive policies on the environment, housing, wage rises, cost of living, an Integrity Commission with teeth, unemployment and Medicare including dental. It is also not surprising that, after the mishandling of the attacks on women and misogynist policies, that women stood up to play a greater role in Parliament. The CPA welcomes the improved gender balance in Parliament.

The Communist Party of Australia rejects the undemocratic nature of Australia’s electoral system and demands change. We call on the new Parliament to work on a more democratic proportional representation electoral system that encourages and allows the participation of small political parties.

Electing Greens, independents and changing the government on its own will not deliver the needed reforms for the people, nor can it change the fundamental capitalist nature of Australian society.

This election has, however, shown that when people come together and organise real change can be won. Now it is crucial, under these new conditions, to build and strengthen a mass movement in workplaces and on the streets to win reforms in the interests of working people.

The Communist Party of Australia calls to action all those who voted in the hope of achieving change to inflict a final blow to the two-Party system that has failed working people and their families.

Finally, the CPA welcomes the election night announcement that the incoming government will honour the demand of an Indigenous voice to Parliament.

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