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South Australia: Cuban solidarity and party building on the agenda

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Ron and Bev Hall, Elizabeth Hulm, Dylan Whiteford-Hall and Vinnie Molina.

Over the course of the last period, CPA South Australia has been involved in a litany of tasks to strengthen our Party and promote working class values. Below are a few of the activities and events in which we have been involved.


Although the book being launched was about a First Nations community in the far north of Canada, The Spirit of Pehdzeh Ki – the Struggle for Land Rights, illustrates how reprehensibly Indigenous peoples not only in North America, but also in Australia, as in fact around the world, face exploitation, devaluation of traditional knowledge, and suppression of language. The book represents a collaboration by two comrades, Bev and Ron Hall, who have an adopted son, and consequently grandchildren, with Australian First Nations heritage.

The book was launched by Adjunct Professor Joan Gibbs who has Chickahominy background from Virginia, US. Gibbs has spent the largest part of her career lecturing in Environmental Studies at the University of South Australia, preparing many students for work in environmental protection. With the help of Dr Kevin “Dookie” O’Loughlin, Gibbs introduced First Nations knowledge so vital for understanding the Australian landscape and how it should be managed into her program at the University of South Australia. As a specialist in fire management, Gibbs has featured on ABC programs Landline and Gardening Australia. O’Loughlin, a Narungga Elder from Point Pearce, is a greatly respected Cultural and Reconciliation advisor who introduced many young Aboriginal students to careers in cultural tourism and fostered a deeper understanding of traditional knowledge.

Erica Jolly, a poet, author and writer, who greatly assisted as an advisor and proof reader, commented on how the book emphasised the need for just treatment of First Nations people. Erica was a former Deputy Principal at Marion High School and holds a Master of Arts degree in English Literature. Her critiques of education policy, especially under conservative governments, starkly reveal those governments narrow vision and lack of appreciation of the arts as a complement to science.

David Walters, Director of Green Hill Publishing, expressed his pleasure to be part of the launch and his surprise to discover such a workers’ haunt as Fidel’s. Comrade Dylan Whiteford-Hall, Bev and Ron’s grandson, gave the acknowledgement of country and later in the program screened a DVD that introduced cultural activities involving the Pehdzeh Ki community, such as school fishing expedition, drum dances and a traditional game known as stick gamble.

Afternoon tea and refreshments from the bar were enjoyed to the accompaniment of background music, mainly of drumming for drum dances while an opportunity was provided for the signing of books.

Comrades Bev and Ron want to express their gratitude especially to Comrades Sally Mitchell, Sean Dempsey, and Liam Ellis for their willing help and support offered for the book launch and would like to confirm how wonderful the Workers’ Club and Fidel’s proved to be for the occasion.

NOTE: With a capacity of approximately 50 people, Fidel’s Bar makes an excellent venue for a variety of events, Contact: 0413 762 435


One of the resolutions from CPA SA annual plan called for greater contact with other state branches so that solidarity could be strengthened and there could be an exchange of ideas. Bev and Ron Hall along with their grandson, Dylan, all members of the Port Adelaide Branch, took advantage of a planned visit to Western Australia to make contact with our Western Australian comrades.


A continuing issue for the Party in South Australia has been the need for further branches beyond the Port Adelaide Branch. A Central Branch was operating in the city just a few years ago. Recent discussion has focused on renewing a central branch or developing another branch in the north. There is the possibility of using our Zoom account to involve members from further afield, for example in the Riverland, to become more involved in Party debates. In Western Australia they have concentrated on consolidating one main branch in Perth.

If any members want to express a point of view about CPA branches in South Australia please contact our party secretary, Liam Ellis at


Strong support for the Cuban people and their David and Goliath struggle with US imperialism has been most notable in Western Australia in conjunction with the WA branch of the Australia Cuba Friendship Society. A similar relationship exists here in South Australia. However, WA has regular and prominent demonstrations which are fully recorded on the CPA Facebook page.


An opportunity for comrades to support the Cuban Revolution with Australia Cuba Friendship Society (ACFS) SA Fiesta for Cuba on Saturday, 30th July at Fidel’s. Watch for further details.

ACFS across Australia has offered sterling support to Cuba during this extremely challenging time for the Cuban people, not only because of the COVID pandemic, but even more because of the tightening of the illegal and ongoing vindictive US economic blockade of the Cuban people. ACFS WA initiated the 2020 Syringes for Cuba Campaign that raised over $60,000 for medical supplies to be shipped to Cuba. Following this ACFS Brisbane raised $28,000 through their 2021 To Cuba with Love Campaign.

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