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CPC and World Marxist Political Parties Forum 2022

CPA contribution by Andrew Irving General Secretary

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The Communist Party of Australia is grateful to be able to contribute at this important forum and thanks the Communist Party of China for providing this opportunity for us and other parties to speak today.

At our 14th National Congress held at the end of February 2022 under the slogan “Build the Party for a Socialist Future” our delegates strongly endorsed a resolution that continued a commitment to the working-class and the application of Marxism-Leninism to the national conditions and characteristics of Australia.

The practical application of Marxism to the crucial issues in Australia, such as the national question, trade union work, peace and the environment is essential in creating the conditions for social change in our country.

Comrade Xi Jinping said in his speech to commemoration of the 200th anniversary of the birth of Marx “Looking back on the Party’s struggle, we can find that one of the important reasons the CPC has been able to grow and strengthen itself despite difficulties and hardships is that our Party has always attached importance to building the Party in ideological terms and strengthening the Party through theory, so that the whole Party has always maintained unity in ideology, firm will, coordinated action, and strong fighting capacity.”

The CPA’s national cadre schools that focus on the building of the party in the trade union movement now includes the study of Lenin’s Three Sources and Component Parts of Marxism with a focus on political economy and the history of dialectical materialism and contradiction analysis by Marx and Engels. This gives our comrades the strongest foundational understanding of the economic and social realities to apply and build our party’s political vanguard role in this area.

The task for communists is to determine what is universal and what is specific to the reality that we encounter in society. The Communist Party of China gives us an example of how to apply the universal laws of socialism and the dictatorship of class struggle depending on the class forces in any nation. While the CPC leads through its flexible and dynamic application of Marxism to the reality of modern China, they also say Communists do not require to mechanically apply these models to realities for which they are unsuited. We must strengthen our understanding of scientific socialism, and the importance of theory, that is tested in practice to overcome opportunism and dogma.

We must remember that “Philosophers just explain the world in different ways, the problem is to change the world”

Our Central Committee is taking new initiatives to expand the significant campaign for peace and against Australia’s involvement in the AUKUS agreement. Which is intensifying the West’s Imperialist threat to the countries of our region, our independence, and is clearly directed at preparation for war with China. It is part of an ever growing offensive military build-up which will cost Australians $48 billion this year growing to a quarter of a trillion over ten years.

This is money that is desperately needed by the community for health care, schools, age care, community services, and housing. It must also be directed to addressing the climate crisis, help develop alternative renewable energy, the many significant environmental challenges and the communities impacted by extreme weather disasters. We cannot afford to help others in our region and this agreement has once again isolated us from our neighbours.

Engels clarified that under socialist conditions, society should “provide all people with healthy and beneficial work, provide ample material life and leisure time, and provide all people with true full freedom and further.”

Marx believed that in different economic and social environments, people produce different ideas and cultures. Once advanced ideology and culture are mastered by the masses, they will be transformed into a powerful material force.

The application of scientific socialism continues to inspire and provide proof of the words that Marx and Engel wrote. They are not just part of the past or a superseded understanding of the reality of nature. They are a living, ever advancing theory that energises the people, giving them the tools and knowledge that has and will engage, win over and empowers them to achieve advancement, liberation, showing what is possible and inspiring the building of a world based on mutual respect, common interest, friendship and the betterment of all.

Our party is dedicated to studying and applying Marxist Leninist theory in campaigns to deepen our understanding and building a strong, dynamic and enthusiastic movement committed to a future socialist society.

Finally, the CPA expresses its best wishes to the successful celebration of the Communist Party of China’s 20th Congress later this year.

Long live Marxism-Leninism!

Thank you.

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