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The CPC unites and leads the Chinese people to realise rapid development

Vinnie Molina, National President of the CPA

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Shanghai multilevel junction. Photo: Denys Nevozhai – public domain

Vinnie Molina, National President of the Communist Party of Australia (CPA), said recently in an exclusive interview with a reporter from Xinhua News Agency that the Communist Party of China (CPC) has united and led the Chinese people in their unceasing efforts to uphold and develop socialism with Chinese characteristics, and that as a result the people’s living standards have been improved in real terms. “The CPC has won the support of all the people of China,” Molina said.

Molina, who has been paying close attention to China’s development, said that under the leadership of the CPC, China’s economy has developed rapidly and absolute poverty has been eliminated. At the same time, China has made continuous progress in fields such as space science and technology, and the ecological environment has been sustainably improved.

“Seeing is believing, and visiting China in person is very important.” With twenty-five years of experience in the construction sector, Molina is particularly interested in China’s achievements in infrastructure construction. He is full of praise for the world-class bridges, highways, and high-speed rail facilities China has built in recent years. “As a [former] construction worker, I am very happy when I see these development achievements,” he said. Molina pointed out that China’s commitment to putting people and lives first in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic “stands in stark contrast to practices in other parts of the world,” where many people have died without access to effective medical care. By contrast, in China “every life is precious.”

Molina observed that China has provided anti-epidemic supplies to many countries and international organisations, thus benefiting very many people. China has also made important contributions to the world in terms of COVID-19 vaccine aid.

He thinks that China’s development is also in the interest of people all over the world. He also pointed out that China pursues a national defence policy that is purely defensive in nature, which is in sharp contrast to the overbearing and aggressive policies of some Western countries. In international affairs, China is committed to promoting peace, cooperation, mutual respect, and common development. Molina noted that the Belt and Road Initiative, which was initially proposed by China, has benefited many countries, especially developing countries.

Molina believes that the CPC has united and led the Chinese people to achieve rapid development, thereby giving inspiration to the rest of the world. However, some Western media outlets suffer from a serious lack of fairness and objectivity in their coverage of China and want to view China’s development achievements only through their own limited perspective.

Molina also expressed the hope that the Australian government will make positive efforts to improve Australia-China relations. “We should consider China as our partner,” he said.

Xinhua News and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China.

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