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Dear Editor,

I am very happy about the recent victory of Lula in regaining the presidency of Brazil, but he has a lot of work ahead of him. He will practically have to start again from scratch.

He definitely needs to fight against the hold that reactionary fundamentalist evangelical Christians have on the minds of many Brazilians – a factor that was very important in the disastrous presidency of Bolsonaro.

These supporters were often from the bourgeoise classes, imagining that Bolsonaro would look after their interests. As it turned out, he accelerated the disastrous burning of the Amazon, and made the COVID pandemic a disaster of epic proportions.

I do not recall Brazil ever taking action against members of the military dictatorships for the torture and violence they inflicted on large numbers of the Brazilian people.

We can only hope that Lula makes the most of the opportunity he has been given by the people of Brazil this time around.  His victory is a good omen for the whole of the Brazilian people, and also for working people in the Americas and around the world.

In Solidarity,

John Esposto

Kingsville, VIC

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