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Farewell, readers

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  • Issue #2036

Dear Readers,

This issue of The Guardian – The Workers’ Weekly is the final issue I will oversee as editor as I move on to pursue other endeavours. It has been a tremendous honour and privilege to serve as editor of this newspaper for three years.

I feel particularly blessed by how many more voices were offered to write for the “The Guardian,” where we received multiple contributions from comrades across nearly every state. Those volunteers made it possible for each issue to be realised and I am forever indebted to them for making my job that much easier.

I am proud of the artwork – both original and reproduced – that we were able to place in our newspaper for comrades to use at protests or to hang on their bedroom walls. This was an element otherwise not seen previously in our Party press but I believe contributed to the agitational nature of our work.

I was also incredibly happy with my contributions to the new Party website which brought our Party newspaper into the 21st Century.

I am thankful to those who committed the time and energy in selling or handing out “The Guardian” at events or in the streets, ensuring our messaging was being widely spread, making the effort all of us who produce our Party newspaper worthwhile.

And, of course, I am thankful to all of those who have purchased subscriptions to our newspaper. Without your support the work we do would be impossible.

Perhaps my favourite moment in editing “The Guardian” was overseeing the celebration of the centenary of the CPA by reproducing excerpts from previous issues of The Tribune, SPA, and The Socialist and The Guardian – The Workers’ Weekly which highlighted the century-long dedication to the task we are undertaking to this day. Looking through the archives provided me with the perspective of how important and storied this job has been and the tireless work that has been placed into it.

While I will be moving on, our task does not stop. “The Guardian” is a newspaper for the working class. It provides a Marxist analysis on what is happening at home and broad in a manner that is accessible to all, and the Communist Party of Australia will continue on in this task. I am confident that our newspaper will continue producing high-quality content like it did before me because the members of this Party are dedicated to this task.

Thank you again to all those who supported me, I will always remember my time here fondly.

With Peace, Love, and Solidarity,

– Franc Stregone

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