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The party has a website dedicated to its 100-year history. It is called

During the Party’s centenary an exhibition was planned. However, the COVID pandemic struck and we were unable to hold the event due to lockdowns. So developed the website.

The website is organised in decades from 1920 to 2020. Each decade covers different Party challenges, successes, and some mistakes.

Another part of the website deals with what are called “actions.” This covers issues including Indigenous rights, women’s rights, trade union rights, and a cultural section covering books, novels, poetry and theatre.

Peace actions are covered in the in detail and there is also coverage of the Party’s concern about the environmental crisis.

Highlights of the webpage include pictures of the monument for the right of free speech in Brunswick in Victoria and the Dalfram monument at Port Kembla in NSW as well a 1930s Party leaflet about the Spanish Civil War.

Extra space has been devoted to Fred Paterson, the fight against Menzies and to the Dissolution of the Communist Party Bill 1950.

The party’s 100 year history is well worth studying. Hopefully it will inspire and encourage the present generation of members and supporters to continue the great struggle for socialism in Australia.

While every attempt has been made to cover as much as possible of the Party’s history, there may be gaps. If you have text or good pictures to cover any omissions, please send them to the webmaster at

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