The Guardian • Issue #2050

Public Housing in Glebe saved!

Hands off Glebe.

Pro-public housing group Hands off Glebe has been campaigning to stop the sell-off of public housing in Sydney’s Glebe area for years. Now they have had a small victory!

An email from the Department of Planning and Environment states: “As of 13th April 2023, nil dwellings owned by the NSW Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC) are for sale in the City of Sydney LGA.”

While the group still has a battle on its hands to save some larger public housing estates from evictions and demolitions, sales of a series of public housing homes in Glebe have been stopped.

Campaigners hope these properties will be renovated and made liveable for low-income families.

This is a great success for the community and local State politicians and City of Sydney councillors. Credit should go to Sydney’s Deputy Lord Mayor Sylvie Ellsmore for her efforts.

The houses saved are in Wentworth Street, Mitchell Street, Darghan Street, and Campbell Street in the historic inner city suburb of Glebe.

Hands Off Glebe will keep fighting for public housing in the area.

Hands Off Glebe can be contacted at

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