The Guardian • Issue #2054

Sunshine Coast Branch celebrates

50th Anniversary of the foundation of the Polisaro Front

Stand out in front of the ADF Offices.

On the 10th May CPA Sunshine Coast Branch members travelled to Brisbane to take part in a stand out in front of the ADF Offices. The purpose of this was to raise awareness of the plight of the Sahrawian people which is so often ignored or unknown in the Western world, as well as to show general Anti-AUKUS sentiment by distributing flyers and AUKUS-focused issues of the Guardian.

10th May was the 50th anniversary of Polisaro’s foundation. Polisaro are a revolutionary activist group that has fought for an independent socialist state for the Sahrawian people in their native lands free from Moroccan imperialist exploitation and genocide.

We handed out the article “Freedom for the Sahrawian People is long overdue” which gives a good general overview of the subject to the general public, and proudly displayed a large Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic flag.

Obviously the flag had some recognition, as some members of Brisbane’s Islamic community waved and held up their thumbs in approval upon seeing it, while others took the article in good faith to better educate themselves on the subject.

Overall the day was a success. As the saying goes “constant dropping wears away the stone,” and we are doing our best to bring about a free Western Sahara.

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