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Julian Assange “close to extradition”

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  • Issue #2057

The march – “His free speech is our free speech.”

Julian Assange has lost his latest legal appeal against being extradited from the UK to the US. This means that there is now only one final appeal to a panel of two judges between Assange and extradition to the United States where he could well be sentenced to a combined 175 years in prison. The Communist Party of Australia has consistently held that “this is a political case which has nothing to do with justice,” and has called on all Party members and supporters to write to PM Anthony Albanese to ask him to bring Assange home.

The Assange campaign is also urging supporters to write to Caroline Kennedy, the US Ambassador to Australia, and to call their local MPs to let them know that journalism should not be treated as a crime.

There will be a celebration for Julian Assange’s birthday on 1st July at Bar Oussou in Melbourne for an event of music, solidarity, and activism in support of Assange’s freedom and the pursuit of truth.

Sounds of Freedom: Bar Oussou, 653 Sydney Rd, Brunswick, Victoria, 2 pm onwards. For more on the Assange campaign, go to

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