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Quill and ink .

I really enjoyed the recent Youth Camp organised over the long weekend by the Sydney Branch, the first one in a long time. I flew from Adelaide To Sydney with a comrade. Then we went to Mount Victoria in the Blue Mountains where it got down to -2 overnight but we stayed in cosy dorms. It was so good to see the Party flag flying high from the flagpole at the camp site. My comrade and I were the only ones from interstate.

Saturday morning everyone arrived just before lunch and after we did some banner painting which is good preparation for demonstrations and protests. Then we set up discussion groups looking at the history of socialist governance with Roland Boer, who is a Marxist academic and a very interesting speaker. This is a subject all Party members should really understand.

Saturday evening after dinner we sat around a camp fire in comradeship and chatted while we toasted marshmallows. We all got to know each other well.

Sunday morning was great, as we went on a bush walk, stopping at different lookouts. After lunch we did union organisation training with a CPA member who is a United Workers Union union organiser. Then we had dinner and there there was a film screening around another camp fire. We watched a film on the young Karl Marx.

On Monday morning after breakfast we had a discussion on the history of the CPA then we had lunch

My dad, aunties and uncle went to similar camps when they were young here in South Australia, and we should have a youth camp in Adelaide in the near future, perhaps in the Christmas holidays.

Dylan Whiteford-Hall

Editor’s note: Glad you enjoyed the camp, Dylan! Readers are invited to write in to report on Party or Party-adjacent activities, as well as with views on the Guardian, Australia, or anything.

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