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National People’s Power, NPP holds national tour


The leader of the Sri Lankan People’s Liberation Front (JVP) and the National People’s Power (NPP) comrade Anura Dissanayake addressed a full house at the Perth Convention Centre on Tuesday 27th June.

The public event was part of the NPP Australian national tour which has already had successful and widely attended public events in Melbourne and Brisbane. The next legs of the tour took JVP MP Anura Dissanayake to both Adelaide and Sydney during the week.

The public also had the opportunity to listen to comrade Dammika Patabendi, NPP national executive member. The local organisers invited comrade Liz Hulm, CPA assistant general secretary, to deliver a greeting in which she expressed solidarity with the people of Sri Lanka and offered support in the struggle for democratic change.

The organisers of the tour had previously invited comrade Andrew Irving, CPA General Secretary, to address the event in Melbourne last weekend that was attended by about 2000 people in defiance of the cold weather.

Comrade Anura’s speech was warmly received by the audience who listened with attention, and enjoyed the relaxed explanation of the complex issues facing the people in their country.

It is really impressive and provides people with hope when the community comes together in solidarity with their homeland, friends and family who every day face the failures of a system backed up with lies and empty promises by past and present governments.

People in Sri Lanka placed their hopes with Gotabaya Rajapaksa in 2019 but their hopes were in vain as his government benefited just the elite and dismissed the people. After the spontaneous events that saw people rising in 2022, their aspirations were taken away by the appointment of President Ranil Wickremesinghe.

Ultimately the people can only trust the people. The National People’s Power and the People’s Liberation Front are becoming the only option to deliver the people’s aspirations for democracy and economic stability.

Sri Lanka with its rich history boasts a diverse population that strive together for a better future. It is unfortunate that British colonialism has inflicted so much damage to the people and the long list of failed governments have governed just for the elites.

As the statement shared by the local organisers says “In light of this urgent need for transformation, the National People’s Power (NPP) political movement emerges as the beacon of hope. It represents the sole viable option to reshape Sri Lanka’s political landscape and pave the way for a nation where future generations can live with dignity and pride.”

We wish comrade Anura Dissanayake every success in his tour and we pledge our support for the JVP and NPP struggle for democracy and self-determination.

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