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Call to action against war

Statement of principles – The Australian Anti-AUKUS Coalition

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The Australian Anti-AUKUS Coalition (AAAC) is campaigning for an Australia that is committed to peace, justice and a nuclear-free world.

In Australia, this starts with acknowledgement of invasion, and solidarity with First people’s struggle for justice and sovereignty.

To this end:

We oppose the AUKUS military alliance between the USA, United Kingdom, and Australia, as well as the Quad (US, Japan, Australia, India), because these alliances make war, including nuclear war, more likely.

We campaign to stop the acquisition and stationing of nuclear-powered submarines and the establishment of new nuclear reactor technical facilities in Australia or the Pacific.

We oppose preparation for war with China.

We call on the Australian government to divert the $100s of billions earmarked for military spending on AUKUS and nuclear submarines, and to spend it instead on urgent social and economic needs in the Australian community, including urgently dealing with the climate crisis and natural disasters which are the most significant threat to people’s lives and welfare throughout the region, including Australia.

We are against the deployment of Australian armed forces to foreign wars.

We oppose foreign military bases and troops on Australian soil and visits by foreign warships likely carrying nuclear weapons.

We call for an end to Australia’s participation in joint military exercises whether in Australia or overseas.

We condemn the increasing repression of democratic rights in the name of security.

We oppose increased militarisation of university research and the militarisation of the Australian economy.

We oppose the militarisation of Australian foreign aid.

We urge the Australian government to immediately sign the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

We support peaceful resolution of international conflicts between countries – people demand peace and justice.

We support the rebuilding of Australia’s resources in the area of diplomacy.

The Coalition campaigns to raise public awareness of the dangers of AUKUS. The Coalition believes that only through a united front of all those supporting these aims can public opinion be mobilised to achieve them. We stand in solidarity with anti-war movements around the world..


On 16th September 2021, the Australian government announced Australia had joined the newly formed AUKUS (Australia, UK, US) military pact and had committed billions of dollars to the acquisition of eight nuclear propelled submarines from either the USA or UK.

The AUKUS and nuclear submarines announcement alarmed peace, environment and faith organisations and many people from different walks of life deeply concerned that AUKUS and nuclear powered submarines would involve Australia in another US-led war thousands of miles away, this time potentially a nuclear war with devastating consequences for people and the environment in Australia and Asia-Pacific.

The acquisition and stationing of nuclear submarines in Australia will open the door to the dangers of nuclear power and nuclear weapons in Australia’s ports. The $171 billion committed to eight nuclear submarines diverts urgently needed public funds from health, education, housing, the environment, and social services.

On immediate announcement of AUKUS and nuclear powered submarines 17 peace, environment, faith, social justice and community organisations across Australia called a national meeting to determine support for the formation of a broad-based national coalition to build a united people’s campaign to stop Australia’s acquisition of nuclear powered submarines and joining the AUKUS military pact (see list below). More than 240 individuals pledged their support.

A national meeting of 28 wide ranging peace, environment, faith, independence, social justice and community organisations and 140 individuals was held on 7th November. The meeting unanimously endorsed the formation of a national coalition to develop a united front campaign to stop AUKUS and nuclear submarines.

Participants called for a broad-based campaign for peace and a nuclear free Australia.

The 7th November meeting established Interim Working Group tasked with developing a statement of principles and co-ordinating national days of actions, issue public statements and initiate other nationally co-ordinated joint activities. The Interim Working Group is made up of 14 state representatives who consult with their state groups and organisations.

On 20th March, 2022, the Australian Anti-AUKUS Coalition was launched for mass action to end war.

Independent and Peaceful Australia Network; Australian Anti-Bases Campaign Coalition; Friends of the Earth; Pax Christi Victoria; Melbourne Unitarian Peace Memorial Church; Medical Association for Prevention of War; Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, Australia; The Quaker Peace and Legislation Committee; Spirit of Eureka; Just Peace; Marrickville Peace Group; IPAN-Victoria; Philippines Caucus for Peace; Sydney Criminal Lawyers; Lawyers for Peace; Sydney Criminal Lawyers; Campaign for International Co-operation and Disarmament.

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