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Dear Comrade Editor

I’ve heard a lot about the possible limitations of the Voice to Parliament. All I’m really hearing is that if a Voice to Parliament won’t solve everything instantly, we shouldn’t have a go. Personally, I really hope the Yes vote succeeds because I don’t trust the government. I don’t trust any government under the system we have in Australia. They all seem to be in the pocket of big corporate donors and the USA. I don’t trust them, and that’s why I want the Voice to get up.

There’s a lot of struggle ahead for Australians who want justice for First Australians. I want the government to implement the recommendations of the Black Deaths in Custody Royal Commission. I want them to close the gap. I want Albanese to spend more on housing for Aboriginal people. I want Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders to have more control. I don’t trust any government under the system we have now to make these things happen, at least not without a fight.

If the Voice gets up, it will put the wind in our sails and make that fight a bit louder.

Comrades, if you don’t trust the government, vote YES!

Peter Noke
Cheltenham, Victoria

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