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  • Issue #2064

A new political force uniting left and progressive parties and other organisations with a clear pro-people agenda is needed urgently. The Communist Party is convinced of the centrality of this task and is working hard towards that end. But the message is not getting out far enough and the process is way too slow. The membership and resources of the Party need to be built substantially to ensure the success of a coherent, genuine alternative to the disastrous political course the country is currently headed down. The best thing angry workers can do about the present very parlous state of the economy and the political scene is not to hurl cheap insults about the Prime Minister or the ALP. The most constructive thing a worker could do to build the political alternative and, ultimately, a more just society is to join the Communist Party.

Some thoughts on strategy. The US/NATO objective of the control of Ukraine was to give them control over the Black Sea. The other countries bordering the Black Sea – Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, and Georgia – are at present firmly in the imperialist camp. Russia has four naval fleets – Black Sea, Pacific, Northern and Baltic. The Black Sea Fleet is the most important because of the links to the Middle East. Sevastopol is a large and deep port. The ports along Russia’s coastline with the Black Sea are shallow. It is also Russia’s only warm water port. It is vital to Russia’s security. Ukraine is a strategic piece in the US’s attempts to encircle Russia, which are well advanced. The US already has Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Georgia, Romania, Poland, and Azerbaijan at its disposal for military operations. Crimea is only 30 km from Turkey, which the US used as a launching pad for wars in the Middle East. In Afghanistan the US originally trained and armed the Taliban to bring about regime change and install a government hostile to the Soviet Union. US geo-political meddling hasn’t stopped since but it has not gone all their way. Iran is lined up for regime change. The US’s anti-missile shield, with bases in Eastern Europe, is targeted at Russia. Afghanistan and Iran are also critical to the US’s moves to encircle the People’s Republic of China.

PARASITE OF THE WEEK: Who rules Australia? In 2014 mining magnate Andrew Forrest’s “Creating Parity” report, a recipe for wiping out Native Title, clearing outback Indigenous communities off their land, private sector control of their lives and assimilation, was handed to the then Abbott Coalition government. It is a paternalistic, racist strategy for the dispossession and further disempowerment of Indigenous Australians, produced by a mining magnate and his head office team for the sole benefit of mining corporations. Gina Reinhart is back in the news with her $11 billion of personal wealth. Her mining magnate daddy Lang Hancock was also commissioned by government to outline policies in Indigenous affairs in which he proposed a sterilisation program in Indigenous communities “so they die out”. That’s who.

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