The Guardian • Issue #2066

Sunshine Coast Branch – YES Campaign

The Sunshine Coast Branch was very active in July with our YES campaign flier and banner drop. The region north of Brisbane covers a diverse number of towns and farming areas. For decades it has been a very conservative area with many people voting for Pauline Hanson and Bob Katter. This has been the first time in many decades that locals have become aware of the CPA being politically active. We are back!

With such a huge diverse area the branch decided to display our banner and interact with the locals, town by town. We hung our huge YES banner outside Landsborough train station where it immediately aroused interest.

To be more daring we decided to hang the banner in the walk way across the highway leading to Nambour, next to the big pineapple. As it is a major road, we calculated traffic of 3,000 per hour saw the sign. We hung the banner facing towards traffic going into Nambour and immediately had horns beeping in agreement. All it took was the effort and we got immediate positive response. Many of the branch who could make it joined in, creating camaraderie amongst us. We look forward to doing more banner drops in August.

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