The Guardian • Issue #2066

“Stop them damn pictures”

Vale Peter Andrew

  • The Guardian
  • Issue #2066
The IMF and World Bank sharks in their bankers’ suits waiting to board flight to Iraq.

That’s what Boss Tweed demanded of his goons, but the cartoons exposing his gangster rule over politics kept coming. Tweed was a US politician most notable for being the ruthless boss of the Democratic political machine in the 19th century.

As political commentator Ralph Waldo Emerson noted in the time of Tweed, “Caricatures are often the truest history of the times.”

Peter Andrew and his bitingly eloquent cartoons gave the Guardian a sharp satirical edge (the IMF and World Bank sharks in their bankers’ suits arriving on East Timor’s shores comes to mind).

His weekly “Pete’s Corner” slashed with a razor blade exposing hypocrisy, or noted with a gentle humour his compassion for his fellow human beings. He laid bare the great class divide with its harsh inequality and exploitation (Tony Abbott as a baby with plate and spoon crying for more Coal Flakes).

He came to us in his down-to-earth way – we were a political newspaper in need of a cartoonist and he was a political cartoonist looking for a newspaper.

A collection of Pete’s Corner cartoons is available from the CPA bookshop.

And the Guardian – the Workers Weekly is still in need of a cartoonist.

Let’s start them damn pictures.

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