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Statement in solidarity with the Communist Party of Venezuela, PCV

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The Communist Party of Australia has growing concerns at the increasing actions against the Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV) by the use of the judiciary and the break in relations between the government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and the Communist Party of Venezuela. It has resulted in violations of the PCV’s right to carry out their political activity without the fear of liquidation. These actions should not occur in a democratic society under any circumstances.

The CPA expresses its solidarity with the PCV leadership lead by comrade Oscar Figuera, the constitutionally elected General Secretary at the 16th PCV National Congress held in Caracas in November 2022.

The PCV is the oldest working class political party in Venezuela. It has been faithful to the deep structural transformations that the Bolivarian revolution needs in the interest of the people.

The CPA condemns in the strongest possible terms the judiciary decision that has appointed a group of non-members to leading positions of the CPV. The decision has given control of the legal status and assets of the PCV against the Party’s internal rules. This is a violation of the PCV constitution and the will of its membership.

The PCV has a long history of struggle in which many hundreds of Venezuelan comrades have given their lives for social change, democracy and socialism.

The CPA calls for the halt of the actions that prevent the lawful participation of the Venezuelan communists in the democratic process and the defence of the Bolivarian revolution.

The CPA calls for unity of the people as the only weapon that can defeat the coercive economic measures imposed by US imperialism and the survival and deepening of the Bolivarian Revolution.

Communist Party of Australia
Central Committee Executive

19th - 20th August 2023

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