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Vote YES, work for YES

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There’s a lot of running down the YES case for the Voice to Parliament lately. Nine newspapers have given one Aboriginal woman who’s a ‘No’ a respectful and detailed profile, complete with a carefully posed photo. The woman’s sister, also an elder, rated one solitary sentence to let us know she’s a Yes voter.

The ABC has written up a journalist who is raising their profile with a convoluted No argument as though they’re just a regular person who has had a few ideas. There’s a lot of ‘race-calling’ – reporting on which side is more popular rather than on the issue – going on, as well as false equivalence, and of course there’s the scare campaigns of the No side.

Fortunately, life is not the same as the media. It’s not too late to make a difference for Yes, if you’re interested in a positive change for Indigenous Australians, if you’re up for supporting Land Rights and self-determination, get involved.

Comrades around Australia have been leafleting at train stations and popular parks, giving out pamphlets and having conversations with people. Many of the conversations have been educational, and there’s a lot of good will out there.

‘Unions for YES’ is holding phone banks and support activity right up until polling day. If, like the CPA, you stand with Indigenous Australians, get into it. Contact Unions for Yes, contact the Communist Party in your state and get involved.

Yes campaign:

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