The Guardian • Issue #2075

Greek election results

Greek flag.

Photo: Trine Juel – (CC BY 2.0 Deed)

The regional elections in Greece were held over two rounds on the 8th and 15th of October.

On the results of the first round Dimitris Koutsoumbas, the General Secretary of the Communist Party of Greece (recognised in leftist circles world wide by its Greek acronym – KKE) expressed satisfaction. “Although the correlation [of forces] remains very negative, it has become stabilised and there is a growing current of questioning of the reigning policies, of their class character in favour of capitalist interests,” he said.

He drew attention to the rise in the percentages for the candidates fielded by the “Laiki Sispirosi” (People’s Coalition). In the 13 regions it reached over 10 per cent compared to 6.86 per cent in the previous regional elections.

In the first round the People’s Coalition elected one mayor in the municipality of Ikaria, the Aegean island which has the reputation of consistently electing communists and consequently earning the nickname “the Red Island.”

People’s Coalition candidates in five other municipalities were among those who reached the right to go into the second round and they were victorious in all of them.

The victorious teams and their supporters celebrated their triumph with song and dance, but not before all the mayors elect reminded them that the really hard work now lies before them. General Secretary Koutsoumbas, who dropped in on the headquarters of the four victorious teams of the municipalities in the city of Athens, reinforced this message by telling them, “You, and not the so-called centre-left parties in Parliament, are the real opposition to the conservative government.”

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