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Rallies around Australia


Warrane/Sydney rally.


Borloo/Perth rally.


Meanjin/Brisbane rally.


Tarndanya/Adelaide rally.


Statement from various organisations

Palestinian Communist Party

An explanatory statement issued by the Palestinian Communist Party on the situation in occupied Palestine.

Since the attack on our people in the Gaza Strip began, and because of the unparalleled support of the United States of America and the European countries, specifically Britain, France, Germany, and Italy, for the entity state, the silence of the reactionary Arab regimes is the silence of graves over what is taking place in the occupied Palestinian territories of ethnic cleansing and genocide against people our people are in the Gaza Strip, and all of this is happening before the eyes of the whole world, and these manifestations have begun to spread to the West Bank, where herds of extremist settlers have been armed by the fascist occupation government, where settler attacks against Palestinian villages and Bedouin communities have increased, as well as their attacks on the external roads linking Palestinian cities and all that. Being supported by the Zionist occupation forces.

But recently the war on our people has begun to take a new course. In addition to the daily massacres committed by the occupation, it began waging a psychological and operational war to force 1.1 million Palestinians to migrate from northern Gaza to beyond the Gaza Valley. This matter created confusion and terror among the people, as to where to go. The United Nations demanded that Israel cancel the evacuation order, and that the residents … They cannot go south due to the destruction of the roads, but the Zionist response came, accusing the international response of being shameful.

Communist Party of Sri Lanka

The Communist Party of Sri Lanka (CPSL) expresses unwavering solidarity with the Palestinian people during this period of increased resistance to Israel’s criminal occupation of Palestinian territory.

The CPSL place the full responsibility on the fascist right-wing government of Israel for the sharp and dangerous escalation that resulted in losing lives of many innocent civilians. At the end of a shocking week in early October, in which the settlers ran amok throughout the occupied territories under the auspices of Israel government and incidents around the Al-Aqsa Mosque lead to the very serious escalation.

The deaths of civilians and crimes against them on both sides must be avoided and condemned. However, it must be clearly understood that horrific crimes are perpetrated against the Palestinian people on daily basis by the Israeli military and state backed settlers.

The Communist Party of Sri Lanka strongly and unequivocally condemn the continued military bombardment upon Gaza which has resulted in the killing of scores of Palestinian civilians and injuring of hundreds more including children. Collective punishment of the people of Gaza is a war crime and must cease immediately.

Israel’s brazen violation of international humanitarian law and international law has continued for decades now, with the full support of imperialist forces, and without any meaningful intervention to address the core issue of the conflict.

The CPSL would like to emphasise that the core issue of the conflict will only be resolved by implementing the resolution adopted by the United Nations Security Council. The CPSL demands to end the criminal occupation and racial apartheid and implement a two-state solution. The CPSL express full and unwavering solidarity with the just struggle of the Palestinian people to establish an independent state within the recognised borders as they stood on June 4th 1967, with East Jerusalem as its capital, and the right of return for all Palestinian refugees according to the relevant UN resolutions.

We condemn the imperialist forces in the West for not only justifying Israeli actions against Palestinians, but also for deliberately escalating the situation.

The Communist Party of Sri Lanka urges both parties to deescalate the situation and end the current conflict.

The Communist Party of Sri Lanka declares that it will always stand by the Palestinian people and their legitimate demands for independence and sovereignty.

The occupiers will lose, the Palestinian people will win!

Tudeh Party of Iran

We strongly condemn the horrific crimes of the apartheid regime of Israel in laying siege and bombardment of Gaza and the massacre of Palestinian civilians!

In recent days, in the capital cities and towns, both large and small, all around the world, there have been magnificent demonstrations of admirable solidarity with the people of Palestine, who have been the target of relentless military aggression by the right-wing extremist Israeli government for over a week in the Gaza Strip. In these acts of solidarity with the Palestinian people, participants, with clear and resolute slogans, including “End the massacre of the Palestinian people,” “End the occupation of Palestine,” and “Stop the killings and violence,” demanded an immediate end to the criminal siege of the Gaza Strip by Israel and called for the recognition of the fundamental rights of the Palestinian people.

The Israeli government, under the pretext of seeking revenge for attacks by Palestinian groups that targeted several border areas in Israel on 7th October, unleashed the continuous bombardments and destruction of Gaza over the past week, utilising jets, tanks, and warships. This military offensive by Israel has thus far resulted in the deaths of more than 2500 of Gaza residents and has made nearly half a million people homeless. The bombing of Gaza and the targeting of over two million Palestinian people residing in Gaza, who have been under Israel’s blockade for years with no escape or sanctuary, are considered war crimes according to international laws.

Independent and Peaceful Australia Network

The Independent and Peaceful Australia Network (IPAN) has called on the Australian government to condemn the Israeli siege of Gaza and to call for negotiations for an immediate ceasefire and withdrawal of all Israeli troops.

“Prime Minister Anthony Albanese must call for the siege and bombing to end before more innocent families are killed,” said IPAN Spokesperson, Kathryn Kelly, also a member of Australians for Justice and Peace in Palestine (AJPP).

“Immediate measures must be put in place to address the current escalation of this historical conflict – including negotiations for an immediate ceasefire and withdrawal of all Israeli troops from Gaza,” said Ms Kelly.

IPAN acknowledge the brutality of the recent Hamas attack on citizens of Israel, but believes the current escalation in conflict was entirely preventable and is a result of the 16-year long blockade and Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza, the enduring apartheid policies against Palestinians, and the continual expansion of Israeli settlements.

“For many years now, the United Nations and many human rights groups have urged Israel to lift its blockade on Gaza,” said Ms Kelly.

“For 16 years Gaza has been an open-air prison, and described as such by human rights groups and critics as well as former UK Prime Minister, David Cameron,” said Ms Kelly.

Over one million of the 2.3 million citizens are children. The economy is on the verge of collapse. The current blockade by Israel and Egypt has caused acute ongoing shortages of food, medical supplies, and necessary construction materials. This inhumane situation must not be allowed to continue.

“IPAN therefore urges the Australian government to call for establishment of a safe corridor for food, water, and medical supplies for the people of Gaza.”

Over the years, the UN General Assembly has condemned Israeli military massacres and fundamentalist settler land grabs against Palestinians – but recommendations for sanctions against Israel have been ignored by USA, Australia, and European military interests which support Israel. It is time that such calls for sanctions are heeded.

IPAN calls for leaders in the Middle East and across the world to work for an immediate end to hostilities and the withdrawal of all Israeli troops from Gaza and for urgent humanitarian aid to be provided to all who need it, with assistance from UN Emergency Peacekeeping Forces. “In addition, it is imperative that the USA stop providing Israel with more than $3 billion in military aid each year,” said Ms Kelly.

IPAN supports this call from Jews Against the Occupation: “It is time for our government and the world to insist ‘Enough is enough.’ Australia’s virtual endorsement of Israel’s ongoing criminal oppression and dispossession of Palestinians by asserting it’s ‘right to defend itself,’ is totally in defiance of international law and human rights.”

IPAN urges the Australian government to call for a peace conference of all parties, under the auspices of the United Nations, with the objective of working towards finding a just and peaceful solution for the people of Palestine and Israel.

IPAN also echoes the following call from Jewish Voices for Peace:

“We call on all people of conscience to stop the imminent genocide of Palestinians. We demand our government work towards de-escalation, that it immediately stop sending weapons to the Israeli military. A future of peace and safety for all, grounded in justice, freedom and equality for all, is still the only option.”

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