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Communist Party of Australia members show up for Palestine

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Rally for Palestine.


Over 15,000 people attended a rally and march under the slogan Free Gaza. On a show of hands, this was the first Palestinian solidarity event about 50 per cent of the crowd had attended.  Union flags were flying, from the CFMEU, the NTEU and the ASU, along with national flags from many countries, including the Aboriginal flag. Speakers highlighted the links between Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander and Palestinian struggles against colonialism and settler-state violence, as well as Israeli war crimes. Solidarity is world-wide, as people can see what is happening, hence flags from Lebanon, China, Poland and the Philipines. The refusal of many Jewish people to see Palestinians as the enemy despite huge pressure was highlighted.


Members of both the Sunshine Coast branch and Brisbane branch both attended one of the many events in support of the Palestinian people during these devastating times, and to shun and call for action against the Israeli Apartheid State and the nationalist/colonial ideology that is Zionism.

Amongst the people it was a day filled to the brim of pure and raw emotion all the guest speakers brought to the table. One example was Binil Mohideen of Queensland Muslims Inc, who said he wasn’t sure if he should have worn his skullcap so the conservative media would not portray him as just an angry Muslim. Mohideen agreed that he is angry and so happens to be a Muslim, angry over the genocide of the families of Palestine. (Note: Mohideens prediction was correct as the Murdoch press very own Courier Mail took this quote completely out of context just writing he said “I am Muslim and I am angry”).


Two thousand protesters gathered in the Supreme Court Gardens in central Perth for the second such rally in just over a week. The rally was organised by Friends of Palestine WA and the MC for the event, Vashti Fox commenced proceedings by noting that the unrelenting war being conducted by the state of Israel against the Palestinian people in Gaza and other parts of Palestine was now in its thirteenth day. This had led to the killing of over 4000 Palestinians and is viewed by many people around the world as a new Nakba (catastrophe) with Israel calling on over one million Palestinians in northern Gaza to leave their homes or they will be bombed.

We stand in Australia against the brutal colonial occupation of Palestine by the Israeli government. “Not in our name, now or ever,” added Vashti. The first speaker was Ayman Qwaider who in August 2021, visited Gaza to see his family and help children in the embattled city. He said there were no safe havens anymore as Israel was bombing schools, mosques, and even Palestinian Christian churches. Ayman said there had in recent months been an escalation of arrests, detentions and killings of Palestinian people which amounted to a collective punishment by Israel of Palestinian people. There is a policy of dehumanisation of the Palestinian people and a destruction of their housing and infrastructure by the Israeli state as an excuse to conduct their campaign against Hamas.

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